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Episode 160: Leadership is Learned, Not Born with Justyn Ashlee Green, C-APL

On this episode we’re joined by Justyn Ashlee Green, a former client turned colleague. She’s now the Strategic Growth Advisor and Director of Practice Management at KLC, and has always felt naturally drawn to working in this industry. In 2020, she got the opportunity to go into a six-week bootcamp and was introduced to me on the first day.

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There are so many capable and intelligent business owners out there, but many of them lack the resources they need to reach the level of success they desire. Hiring an expert who knows how to build the business can completely transform the way you run your business in the best ways.

Even if you’re fully capable of running everything in your business, you have to ask yourself if this is where your time is best spent. It is so beneficial to have someone else running critical aspects of the business so you can focus on being the CEO and creating a vision by which to lead your team.

One of the things Justyn has noticed about practice managers is that all the best ones claim they would rather do it themselves. However, they acknowledge the importance of delegation and efficiency. Another important part of the Practice Manager role is having the ability to anticipate the needs of both the practice and the owner.

If Justyn could go back in time, she would invest more time communicating with others and less time taking on tasks blindly. At times she felt stressed out, overwhelmed, and unappreciated, but she takes accountability for putting herself in this position. This is why she emphasizes the importance of checking in and leaning on people. Practice Management is a big job, but no one expects you to do it without boundaries or on your own.

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