Episode 32: Strategic Investments to Catapult Growth in a Downturn

November 30, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

Today Kaeli shares a very special episode with a high-growth client of hers who has made some extremely difficult (and in some ways counter-intuitive) decisions during covid and has flat out reaped the benefits by doubling down in...

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Episode 31: How to Ask for a Pay Raise

November 23, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

Today’s episode #31 goes out to all of you rockstar practice managers and industry employees who are feeling strained in their role… Listen, this is a very polarizing time for high impact employees who are essentially either 1...

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Episode 30: Finding My Voice

November 16, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

For those of you who are traditional long time listeners of the podcast, you may remember back 15 episodes I made the decision to record a “Reflections” episode every 15 podcasts.  I thought of how impactful it would be to re...

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Episode 29: Make Money in Your Sleep

November 9, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

Can professional wellness medicine help you differentiate your aesthetic practice? Join me for an insightful interview with former billion dollar brand Pharma & Aesthetic industry executives: Chad Collins and Reggie Gatewoo...

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Episode 28: Start With Who

November 2, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

If you surround yourself with people who drain your energy, who steal your joy, or who make you resent your work, the WHY quite frankly doesn’t matter. Are you accepting any patient or customer who calls? Are you giving your ...

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Episode 27: $100K Hidden in Plain Sight

October 26, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

Let’s talk internal marketing strategies! We spend a lot of time talking about patient acquisition, online marketing, and social media marketing but there is just one piece of marketing in our industry that is massively overl...

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Episode 26: Monetize Your Knowledge with Traci Andreason RN BSN

October 19, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

I’m really thrilled to share this absolutely badass episode with you today. I had the honor of interviewing one of the aesthetic industry’s favorite nurse injectors, Traci Andreason and I picked her brain on all the hot questi...

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Episode 25: Unapologetic Ambition

October 12, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

It’s time for you to stand for something. It’s time for you to stop “thinking” about what’s wrong out there and step up and lead unapologetically. In this episode of the Fierce Factor I’d like to share a story about a ...

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Episode 24: Power Position Your Brand

October 5, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

Today I want to share with you a portion of an academy training I did on professional branding. We believe our brand promise is the covenant we make to our client. It’s the organizing principle that ties together your presence i...

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Episode 23: The In-N-Out Way

September 28, 2020 by Kaeli Lindholm

Have you ever wondered what it was like inside the $3Billion family-owned burger operation In N Out? This episode was inspired by one of our clients who said to me “everytime I drive through In N Out I am greeted proptly, with e...

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