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Hello! My name is Kaeli Lindholm. I am the President and Founder of KLC Consulting. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and the evolution of KLC.

I began my aesthetic career in skincare and aesthetic med device sales in pursuit of a basic desire to find a health and beauty regimen that was truly customized and effective; too many different layers of advice had left me flat out confused. I had industry colleagues who insisted that their offerings were the best on the market, and many social influences made it very difficult to choose the right physician or procedure.

I quickly realized that most healthcare providers set out initially with a sincere passion to help patients, to provide unparalleled clinical outcomes, and to build a strong and loyal patient following that will inspire word of mouth referrals. However, reality has revealed that running a successful practice takes more than well earned medical credentialing and years of experience. Physicians are required to wear many hats: business owners, mentors, leaders, managers, financial analysts, marketers, sales people, therapists, forecasters, medical experts, engineers, interior designers, and publicists. How can physicians differentiate themselves and how can patients possibly trust the care they are receiving from a physician when their energy is stretched in so many different directions?

Drawing upon my extensive track record of top-level success within southern California’s aesthetics industry, I launched KLC Consulting to help guide aesthetic practices through the learning curve of maturity and equip them with the right tools to run flourishing, self-sustaining businesses. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with hundreds of aesthetic physicians, medical spas, and healthcare professionals; I have developed proven strategies to guide practices to financial success in a rapidly evolving, competitive environment. I have worked with manufacturers to help them better understand their customers and grow sales. I have helped sales reps close deals and better support their customers with the launch of their new procedures to quickly achieve return on their investment, yielding a stronger referral base and repeat business.

The last 12 years have taught me that while building a comprehensive marketing plan is a vital part of any strategic business plan, the execution of the plan can be game-changing. I built KLC Consulting to be a very different type of Practice Marketing company. My quest for customization has brought my journey full circle. I have learned that every practice is different so the approach to achieving success will look very different from one to the next. When I build a plan, I take into consideration the perspective of the practice, the patients, and the industry to help my clients outsmart their competition and attract the right customers with a unique brand and a kind of value that is reflective of that brand.

KLC Consulting is an Aesthetic Practice Development company dedicated to the success of industry physicians and their patients, as well as medical device corporations, their employees, and their customers. A leading expert in Practice Development, KLC Consulting builds out creative product launch plans and marketing strategies to achieve both short- and long-term revenue goals.

As a proven Aesthetic Practice Development Consultant, I build customized playbooks to support the launch of new products, services, and technologies within a practice. I work directly with physicians, patients, medical device manufacturers, and industry leaders to apply strategies for internal and external market initiatives and to emphasize staff education, product expertise, and patient care.

A proven expert in lead conversion and closing, I formulate specialized plans to create healthy revenue streams for my clients.

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