POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy

Step into true CEO leadership to catapult your business across the next million dollar mark

Welcome to the one and only business incubator that helps female leaders in aesthetics and wellness disrupt the status quo, designed by the creators of Practice Optimization Principle.

Are you ready to build a deeply satisfying, lucrative, freedom-based business that stands the test of time?

It’s time to ditch the status quo

Traditional medical business models are outdated, and women in our industry are underrepresented, under-resourced, and underserved. It’s time for a new narrative.

You’re an expert at your craft, but like many aesthetic practice owners, you may not have been equipped with the training to lead a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The thing is, you’re ready for more. You want to lead a team and system that will catapult your business into the top 2% of your specialty. You want to disrupt the status quo.

We need innovation, ingenuity, and creativity to upend traditional models. This requires a ‘mindset over mechanics’ approach, because the answers to our questions are found within — not outside ourselves.

You’re a woman with perspective. A relationship builder. Someone who wants to be filthy rich in business and in life. You’ve built the confidence to scale your company, and now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and put your plan in motion.

Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way. We’re so glad you found us. Get ready, because you’re about to uncover treasure in your business.

Build your preeminent, category-of-one brand

You’re on the right track, but the core milestones of strategy, systems, and team are the keys to helping you elevate to the next level.

Your aesthetic practice should look, feel, and operate like a savvy, modern-day business. One that delivers an unforgettable patient experience and provides you with the authority, influence, and flexibility to match your expertise.

Here’s what you really need (and no one is teaching you)

to optimize and scale your aesthetic business

You need the right strategy so you can step into your role as the visionary leader of your aesthetic business — and stop wasting your energy on a million disjointed tactics.

You need access to proven experts in branding, marketing, and sales to guide you as you grow, providing tailored, personalized advice and answers so you never stay stuck.

You need 360° support and accountability, where you can talk to a human when you need guidance, motivation, support, and direction.

You need a fierce community where you can connect and collaborate with like-minded colleagues who are on a mission to disrupt the status quo and become preeminent leaders.

You get all of this in the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy.


The industry’s #1 aesthetic business leadership program

The POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy is an innovative, results-driven 12-month business incubator. It was created for ambitious females like you; aesthetic & wellness practice owners & their leaders, to acquire the skills & mindset to think and act like a true CEO and take your business to its next level.

The learning curve of practice optimization repeatedly crushes otherwise strong aesthetic businesses. This is why you need an all-in-one aesthetic business education academy. It’s time to graduate from the same old strategies and break through to one-of-a-kind thought leadership.

With this winning combination, you can achieve the slam-dunk, home-run, multi-million dollar success you know is possible. You can optimize your practice and scale to unimaginable heights. You can experience the freedom and financial rewards to advance your legacy.

Get ready to train for your business like an athlete trains for their sport. You’re about to join the major leagues.

Who is the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy for?

This 12-month business incubator is for you if you’re a female MD, NP, PA, RN, or aesthetic CEO who has or is looking to scale beyond the $1 million mark, and you have:

been in business for 1-3 years minimum

a steady flow of clients

strong clinical competency with a specialization (or desire to develop one)

an open mind for fresh ideas

a desire to own your growth path

a desire to develop a team and systems for leverage

a mission that drives you, an opinion, and you’re not afraid of ruffling feathers

What do you get inside the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy?

✔ 50+ Business Trainings

✔ World-class Business Coaching

✔ Instant Rolodex

✔ Weekly Co-Working Sessions

✔ Industry-Specific Strategic Growth Advisory

✔ Expertly-Designed Curriculum

✔ Weekly Strategic Advisory Calls

✔ Monthly 1:1 Accountability Sessions

✔ A Community of Like-Minded Colleagues

✔ A Place to Celebrate, Vent, Cry, Laugh, and Connect

Milestones to Preeminent Leadership

Milestone #1

Build Your Million Dollar Business Confidence

Cultivate your CEO mindset, establish bossed up boundaries, and define and lead with your mission.

Milestone #2

Design a Preeminent Brand Strategy

Create an identity to power-position your brand, and identify your most valuable buyer.

Milestone #3

Assemble a Kick Ass Dream Team

Master leadership, compensation plans, hiring, and performance management.

milestone #4

Implement a Flawless Internal Marketing System

Create proprietary treatments and loyalty programs, and learn the fundamentals of digital and social media marketing.

Milestone #5

Polish Up Your Sales, Structures, and Processes

Evaluate your sales ecosystem, and design your customer experience and standard operating procedures.

Weekly Strategic Advisory Calls

Every Wednesday, KLC Consulting founder Kaeli Lindholm and her team of experts give you targeted feedback and advice based on your goals and next steps. Discussion topics include money, branding, marketing, sales, management, profits, business structure, and more.


Meet 1-on-1 with your strategic growth advisor every month to create step-by-step plans for working through the program and achieving your KPIs.

50+ Trainings to Lead Your Business to Success

You’ll receive training on every aspect of practice optimization. We’ll also bring in experts for whatever additional support you need!

An Instant Rolodex

You will join a private group of consummate experts who are at the top of their game. Plus, you’ll get access to the team of top industry professionals who have helped me build and grow multiple 7-figure businesses:

Brand Strategists | Ad agencies | Event Planners | Legal Experts | Accountants | Life Coaches | Private Label Skincare Formulators | Device & Skincare Manufacturers | Social Media Experts

Weekly Live Co-working Sessions

Let us train your team for you. These sessions provide accountability time where Kaeli and her team will work with your staff on tactical implementation of topics covered in the program.

Meet Kaeli Lindholm

Our Founder & CEO

“I am on a mission to help 1,000 intentional and inspiring women in aesthetics cross the next million dollar mark in their business this year.”

Hi, I’m Kaeli Lindholm, CEO of KLC Consulting and Founder of the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy, a 12-month business development incubator for women in aesthetics and wellness who disrupt the status quo.

Widely recognized as a brand revisionist, I believe achieving ‘category of one’ success requires taking a differentiated approach. My coaching and academy programs bring unique perspectives that challenge the very construct of business success. Paired with significant revenue growth, clients describe the benefit of working with me as “game-changing”, “both guide and exceptional partner”, and “provides value well beyond monetary measurement!” When you partner with me, you will make an empowered transformation in your business and life.

After spending a decade in corporate America, I jumped into a partnership role to build and manage a plastic surgery and wellness Institute. Through that experience I learned that there were foundational business gaps impacting today’s practices that most providers are not trained to master during their tenure in medical school.

Additionally, practice managers are busy wearing 1,000 hats and don’t have the time or resources to take months off for formal business training, leadership guidance, or personal care. Forget about building a multi-million dollar empire and being swift enough to notice blind spots before they become issues.

I created this Academy to address the dire gaps in core business and marketing training our aesthetic practices, leaders, and consultants need to succeed. I believe in applying modern day tactics to master timeless business principles in this intimate group environment where members will be welcomed with open arms to a team of fierce, like-minded industry leaders and experts.

It will be my honor to guide you and support you with my full energy, heart, and soul — and to be a part of watching your business thrive today and forever.

Key Highlights:

  • 12+ years of corporate sales, management, and marketing experience
  • Consultant and strategist for leading companies in our industry
  • Former Managing Partner of a growing 7-figure Plastic Surgery Institute
  • Significant measurable impact on hundreds of practices
  • Entrepreneur and business owner
  • Passionate and relentless in the pursuit of success for her clients
  • Celebrated author and speaker
  • Host of The Fierce Factor Podcast


“Working with KLC has been the best move I’ve made for my business. It’s really rewarding when you can see the work you’re doing for yourself, and how it’s benefiting your team and your family.”

Heidi Hermel, NP

“Kaeli has given me a great focus on my business. That has allowed me to designate specific time, not only each week but long-term, to work on the practice instead of just in it.”

Sara Trammell, MD

“Kaeli has been so impactful in the last two years that I’ve been working with her because she’s really helped me own my space. I now feel confident as the CEO of my practice”

Lauren Timpe, RN, BSN, CCRN


Let’s skyrocket your profits and impact

When you remove yourself from the nitty gritty details of running an aesthetic business, you can claim your position as the leader in your market.

When you have elite strategic advisory and a team of collaborative partners, you can:

  • build the right business infrastructure to create a consistent growth system
  • nail your messaging and become the only choice in the mind of your ideal patient
  • master your visibility with the right marketing mix.

The POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy is different from every other program out there because our foundation is built on world-class accountability to get you to the finish line. This is critical as your business is ready to level up.

You’ll leave this program with:

  • competency around building, leading, and managing a winning team
  • a proprietary technique or method with customized, bundled procedures
  • a clear path for systematizing your practice
  • customer journey and standard operating procedures
  • clarity around your brand strategy (advanced) and ‘most valuable buyer’ messaging
  • a clear method for nurturing leads from social media to your bank account

Hear from Academy Members

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have 3 levels within the Academy. The monthly financial investment ranges from $1,997 – $3,997. Our 3rd level is available to members who have completed levels 1 and 2.

It is best to allot 4 hours per week (2 hours will be Academy live sessions and 2 hours will be you working on your business). We feel this gives you enough time to work on your business and invest in yourself and your business.

The Pop Leadership Academy is an application-based program. Why? We believe in protecting the integrity of our work and the impact to our clients with an intimate, high-touch community which allows us to best deliver impactful and transformative results. We are better able to provide bespoke coaching to owners at a very specific stage of business. We are the best on the planet at helping women learn how to become leaders capable of scaling multi-million dollar businesses with joy and ease.

Ideally 1-3 years minimum in business with a generally booked schedule. This program is focused on helping women build their teams and transition from overworked providers into well-directioned, confident, and focused CEOs.

We have a no fail policy at KLC. If you are committed to the program we 100% guarantee our results. Every definition of success is individual. Some members are growing to 8 figures, others are looking to staff a business that can run independently so they can play pickleball every day! We are focused on helping our clients achieve their ideal version of success. AND our goal is for your business to be running so smoothly by the end of one year that even grandma could come in and take over!

The POP Leadership Academy is a world-class coaching & consulting incubator that has curated actionable strategic advisory around the practical “nuts and bolts” mechanics of business growth. Our programs are expertly underpinned by inspiration, direction, and mindset development to help our client blossom into the leader who is capable of and adequately supported to build her multi-million dollar empire. This is a no-fluff program. It’s not for your average IG “boss babe”. Instead, this program is expertly designed to support authentically-driven women who are clear, well-directioned, and simply desire intimate and high touch support to implement the 1% of polishing that will catapult their business to its next level.

Here are a few ways:

1- 360° support & accountability: You can talk to a human when you need guidance, motivation, support, and direction. Meet 1-on-1 with an expert strategic growth advisor every month to create step-by-step plans for setting & accomplishing your goals

2- We practice what we preach: You’ll be learning how to build a successful, freedom-based business alongside a team of women who are slaying the same dragons of entrepreneurship.

3- Building leaders & their teams: You’ll leave this program having claimed your position as a leader in your market, while having all the tools to build, lead, and manage a winning team.

4- Cultivating life-first business: This program is built to support you in building a business that allows you to experience the freedom and financial rewards to advance your legacy.

5- By women, for women: POP Leadership Academy was built by women in aesthetics and wellness, for women in aesthetics and wellness. Nobody understands you better than we do!

6- A fierce community: You’ll have a fierce community where you can connect and collaborate with like-minded colleagues who are on a mission to disrupt the status quo in aesthetics & wellness.

7- Build your preeminent, category-of-one brand: Your aesthetic practice will look, feel, and operate like a savvy, modern-day business. One that delivers an unforgettable patient experience and provides you with the authority, influence, and flexibility to match your expertise.

Are you ready to design a preeminent business that prioritizes your health, wealth, impact, and freedom? Join the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy today.