Sharpen your skills as an elite practice manager

Own your leadership to elevate your team and work toward a collective vision of success. Join this extension accelerator program for developing practice managers designed by the best-in-class POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy.


to make real progress?

You know that your role as a practice manager is critical to the overall success of the business — but you’ve been wearing too many hats to make the impact you know you can achieve.

On top of the overwhelm, you’re lacking clarity on your role and feedback on your performance. And when it’s next to impossible to get face-time with the practice owner, that’s enough to stop your success in its tracks.

You know that strong leadership skills and standard operating procedures are key to driving productivity and growth for your practice. But to build a solid team, streamline operations, delegate wisely, and eliminate micromanaging, you need the right support.

Are you ready to work more effectively in your role to support your staff and make mission-critical decisions in line with ownership?

Get ready to ignite your next level initiative and leadership with the

“Practical MBA for aesthetic practice managers” 

You’re already a savvy, committed aesthetic professional who is dedicated to the success of your practice. The Certified Aesthetic Practice Leader Fastrack Course will help you accelerate your skills to become a true ally to your practice owner.

It’s time to open up a clear line of communication, expectations, and expansive knowledge around shared leadership in your practice. Together, we’ll eliminate the drama and busywork so you can step into your true mission: deeply understanding the focus of the business, and integrating the bigger vision into everyday practice.


unparalleled success

Continuous learning is essential for building your capacity as a leader, and elevating your team’s strengths and competencies. In this program, you’ll develop skills in 7 core areas:

  • leadership
  • systems
  • analytics
  • internal numbers and trends
  • front desk oversight
  • staff support
  • advanced training

You’ll get the training modules and resources you need to set you up for quick success, with 15+ hours of highly relevant video and audio training, customizable templates, and much more.

Internal numbers & trends
front desk oversight
staff support
advanced training

Inside the Certified Aesthetic Practice Leader Fastrack

Training hours:

15+ hours of video & audio trainings delivered from Kaeli herself, her team of KLC Certified practice management strategic growth advisors, and world-class practice managers leading multi-million dollar businesses in the aesthetic & wellness space

1:1 Coaching:

A 45-minute coaching call with one of our Strategic Growth Advisors, where you can ask questions and get guidance specific to your practice

Best-in-Class Resources:

  • Resource guides, presentations, templates, spreadsheets, and checklists
  • Guided meeting prompts to discuss with your practice owner, so you can craft an action plan for implementation and best practice adoption
  • Assessment to provide us with insight into how we can better support you in each area related to practice management

Resource Examples:

  • Patient retention audit
  • Delegation filter template
  • Treatment cost analysis tool
  • Patient journey template
  • SOP template
  • Lead dashboard template
  • Compensation package template
  • New hire training outline template
  • New employee onboarding checklist
  • Addressing low performance guide

When you join the C-APL Fastrack, you get access to tailored curriculum that will support you for optimal success within your role. You’ll unlock the steps you need to take to enhance the inner workings of your team and the success of the entire business.

How do we know what works in aesthetic practices today?

The Certified Aesthetic Practice Leader Fastrack Course was designed by the best-in-class POP Leadership Academy, the industry’s #1 modern day aesthetic business leadership program. The Academy has helped dozens of practice owners step into their role as CEOs to create preeminent businesses. And now, we want to help you achieve next-level success, too.

Meet Kaeli Lindholm

Our Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Kaeli Lindholm, CEO of KLC Consulting and Founder of the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy and Certified Aesthetic Practice Leader (C-APL) Fastrack Course.

Widely recognized as a brand revisionist, I believe achieving ‘category of one’ success requires taking a differentiated approach. My coaching and academy programs bring unique perspectives that challenge the very construct of business success. Clients describe the benefit of working with me as “game-changing!” When you partner with me, you will make an empowered transformation in your business and life.

After spending a decade in corporate America, I jumped into a partnership role to build and manage a plastic surgery and wellness Institute. Through that experience I learned that practice managers are busy wearing 1,000 hats and don’t have the time or resources to take months off for formal business training, leadership guidance, or personal care. Forget about building a multi-million dollar empire and being swift enough to notice blind spots before they become issues.

I created this Fastrack to address the dire gaps in core training our aesthetic practices and leaders need to succeed. I believe in applying modern day tactics to master timeless business principles in this program where members will be welcomed with open arms to a team of fierce, like-minded industry leaders and experts.

It will be my honor to guide you and support you with my full energy, heart, and soul — and to be a part of watching your career thrive, today and forever.

built by practice managers for practice managers

In this crash course for elite practice managers, you’ll learn how to become an unstoppable team together with your practice owner, and build their trust in your capacity to steer the ship.

 Here’s how we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Module 1

Start with a
Clean Slate
and Get Organized

Banish overwhelm by getting your inbox and calendar in order, so you can master your to-do list and declutter your brain.

Module 2

Get Clear on How
Business is Generated
and Maintained

Level up your marketing know-how, patient experience and ability to deal with price objections, so you can help drive higher profits.

Module 3

Understand Your 
Leader & Your Own
Leadership Style

Work in lockstep with your practice owner by making the shift from managing to leading your team, and improving communication.

Module 4

Leverage Systems to Make Your Job Easier
and Clarify Expectations

Create a seamless client journey and systematize every step of your client experience, so you can enhance your decision-making — and your impact.

Module 5

Master Team Building
for Infinite Success

Build your high-performing dream team by learning four crucial stages: attracting, hiring, compensating, and maintaining your all-star roster.

How our clients have utilized

our practice management programs to strengthen their team and systems

Step into true career fulfillment

We want you to feel supported on your journey as a practice manager. Have a look at these common questions about the Certified Aesthetic Practice Leader (C-APL) Fastrack Course to make sure you have all the answers you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire comprehensive program including the 15+ hours of curriculum, 5 leadership modules, guided meeting prompts, best-in-class resources, strategic advisory call, completion assessment, and certificate of completion is $4,497 all in. *Your strategic advisory call must be scheduled within 60 days of purchase AND after the completion of the first 2 modules of the course.

The curriculum is designed to be consumed at your own pace with one additional hour for journaling, planning, and implementation of the subjects. Many of our graduates block out 2-4 hours per week for working on their business leveraging this learning system as a guide. Upon completion of each milestone, we advise 1-hour meetings be arranged between the practice manager and owner to allow for discussion in crafting an action plan for implementation and best practice adoption.

A strong practice manager is cornerstone to running and growing a successful aesthetic practice. Confidently present the value of this program and your desire to grow within your role to strengthen your skills. Business owners wear a lot of hats and are craving the opportunity to focus on what they do best. You will be pleasantly surprised at their excitement around making this investment in you and your development while simultaneously strengthening their practice and scale strategy!

Becoming a great practice manager requires a lot of different skills, it’s a dynamic and demanding role! But you don’t have to have years of experience to be great. We have hand selected and curated modules and lessons taught directly inside of our world class POP Leadership Academy curriculum that supports both practice managers AND owners managing their own businesses. If you are looking to grow and develop as a leader in your company, this fastrack and our team at KLC is your secret weapon.

Our goal is to support you at the highest level possible. KLC is a full service leadership coaching company for business owners and their teams. You will have the opportunity to work directly with a KLC Strategic Growth Advisor through the course of your program. Once you register you will receive a link to book your 1:1 coaching call within 60 days of kickoff AND after the completion of the first 2 modules of the course. Your advisor will discuss key takeaways and how best we can support you and the practice ongoing.

Are you ready to sharpen your skills so you can support your practice and lead your team with conviction & clarity?

Join the Certified Aesthetic Practice Leader (C-APL) Fastrack today.