Board Certified Plastic Surgeon one year into private practice desired to build a nonsurgical medical spa, a wellness division, and to position himself as a thought-leader among his peers for his clinical work with an emerging minimally invasive technology. KLC was commissioned on a 15-month contract to implement the following initiatives:


Hire, train and develop the team


Launch a nonsurgical medical spa


Commission a Board Certified anesthesiologist to integrate pre and post-operative wellness care

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  • Challenge
  • Our Solution
  • Results

Board Certified Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon

Desire to combine surgical, nonsurgical, wellness and skincare under one roof with the goal of growing total patient volume and value among complementary offerings

Highly Dependant on Hospital-Referrals

This client was relying heavily on hospital-referred insurance cases to sustain his business. In order to grow his cosmetic cases, he needed a plan to acquire ideal patients. In order to do this, he desired to offer additional complementary services to keep them returning to his practice for total aesthetic care. Due to the competitive nature of the aesthetic market, he commissioned KLC Consulting to create the strategy blueprint and execute the plan to achieve this goal.

This client’s expectations were for KLC to:

  • Build a business blueprint in which surgical, nonsurgical & wellness offerings were available to his patients under one roof
  • Guide the business decisions to support its profitability
  • Develop a long-term strategy for the business

This client chose to work with Kaeli and KLC via word of mouth referral for our depth of experience and ability to build & execute the appropriate plan. After interviewing several consultants, this client felt that KLC was able to offer more than just a marketing strategy. The client desired a business results strategist to identify what was working in the practice and what areas of operations could be improved to increase revenue or make the practice more efficient in alignment with its short and long term goals.

Preparation of a Blueprint and a Process Map

To address this opportunity, Kaeli drew upon KLC’s track record of experience working with hundreds of practices. Leveraging our proven SPEED method we applied a sequence of strategies to tactically approach the project. In close collaboration with the client, KLC prepared a blueprint and created a process map to follow through the term of the project. The first order of business was to hire and train the appropriate team to staff the business. Through a collection of data points such as competitive analysis, market trends, and highest value offerings KLC was able to provide feedback to cooperate with the client on options and together determine what the ultimate solution would look like.

Positioned the Practice Above Industry Standards

During my tenure, I was responsible for restructuring and rebranding the practice, hiring and training staff, optimizing operations and processes, and building a long-term strategy for growing profitability. I created innovative marketing plans and managed patient outreach to ensure the patient experience exceeded industry standards.

Over the course of 15 months KLC accomplished the following tasks:

  • evaluate, negotiate, and implement the acquisition of two new aesthetic devices
  • Find, interview, hire, train, and manage staff and provider partners
  • Conduct human resource activities, design contracts, administer reviews
  • Manage daily operations
  • Develop and execute private label skincare line
  • Create monthly profitability worksheets
  • Manage budgets
  • Develop and train on new bookkeeping process
  • Implement accounts receivables policies and procedures
  • Develop new employee handbook and drive execution of policy
  • Create new roles and job descriptions
  • Build compensation plans for staff
  • Build referral ambassador program
  • Create a tracking system for leads and consults
  • Design a new marketing strategy including:
    • Website redesign and rebuild
    • ROI analysis of marketing investments
    • Promotional events, community outreach, and B2B introductions
  • Lead communication for business development initiatives with referring businesses
  • Plan and host events at practice
  • Develop patient loyalty program to increase client return rates and lifetime customer value

Key Achievements

Designed and executed
a new marketing strategy

  • Liason to the rebuild of a modern, optimized website,
  • Analyzed ROI of marketing investments
  • Executed promotional events, community outreach, and B2B introductions

Led communication for business development initiatives with physician colleagues and hospitals.

↑ 94%

Grew total revenue in the first three months

Delivered end-of-contract profit of


Negotiated acquisition of two aesthetic capital devices, saving the business



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