Confidence to Scale:
A 6 week business certification

that helps in-demand aesthetic injectors design a purpose-driven business that generates lucrative profits and fills their soul

I’ve created this program to help you face the challenges that come with growth HEAD on:
Be ready to capitalize on the demand for your expert work
Get your mind right around what it will take to grow at pace with systems, structure, and team
Learn a repeatedly proven framework for showcasing your brand as the preeminent market leader

The Aesthetic industry generated over $14.6 Billion in revenue in 2021.
Non-Surgical procedures accounted for a whopping: $4.4 Billion

Ladies, aesthetic Injectables show no sign of slowing!

Our industry is experiencing a critical inflection point in which Great injectors are in high demand BUT find it increasingly difficult to service that demand at scale.

What this means is Patients who are looking for the best are not really willing to just leave you and start seeing your brand new injector.
They want YOU!

How do you convince somebody who is loyal to you, to get treated by someone else? Essentially, how do you clone yourself, expand locations, and systematize a customized experience at scale?

Introducing the CTS Framework:

Prepare yourself and your systems to attract and fully book your next provider

and then build a business model that is able to exponentially scale with you at the helm.

This is THE program for ambitious, visionary, and in-demand aesthetic providers who are elegantly catapulting their profits, influence, and autonomy through assets instead of hustle. 

This is for you if:

CTS is not for you if:

How we can help:

There is a very powerful link between the courage to scale and your million dollar confidence. With this confidence to scale you will become clear, confident, purposeful, and well-directioned as you lead your business YOUR WAY.

We call this the CTS framework. And it’s comprised of 5 core milestones I will help you master in this program:

Week 1: Confidence to Scale Framework: Keys to Success
Week 2: Unearth Your Million Dollar Confidence
Week 3: Set Bossed-Up Boundaries
Week 4: Develop a Proprietary Method

Week 5: Market Your Unique (Disruptive) Philosophy
Week 6: Clone Yourself (& Scale Your Systems)
BONUS: Access to join 5 group coaching calls with your CTS colleagues and our expert team & 1:1 coaching call with one of our strategic growth advisors

The Proof

I’ve created this framework to function as a new ideology that will allow you to gain the unshakable confidence to set out on a growth path that is in alignment with your core values, and steadily grows your cash reserves, profits, and legacy- without grinding down your energy and freedom in the process

Get ready to become clear, mission oriented, and well-directioned as you lead your business your way!

Lauren Timpe:
Owner & Lead Injector, OmniaPiel Facial Aesthetics

Sara Trammell:
Physician Owner, Abilene Beauty Bus

Kris Pritchard:
NP & Owner,
Deja You Medical

Dana Zietler:
PA-C & Owner,
D-Lux Medspa

Meet your strategic growth advisor,

Kaeli Lindholm:

Hi I’m Kaeli: Award winning corporate sales director turned managing partner of a multi-disciplinary aesthetic institute, and self-made 7-figure CEO of KLC Consulting and Founder of the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy, a 12 month business development incubator for women in aesthetics and wellness who disrupt the status quo.

Our amazing clients like to refer to me as their business revisionist meets therapist because my philosophy of success is anchored by a very different model than you’ll learn from common business education curriculum. In fact our coaching programs challenge the very construct of business success; our clients come to us when they are ready to level up their cash, their impact in the world, and the luxury of sweet freedom in their business and life. When you partner with me and my expert team you will make an empowered transformation in your business and life.

What To Do


Get ready to gain the unshakable confidence to set out on a growth path that is in alignment with your core values, and steadily grows your cash reserves, profits, and legacy- without grinding down your energy and freedom in the process. Become clear, mission oriented, and well-directioned as you lead your business your way!

Apply to join the Confidence to Scale business growth certification program for in-demand aesthetic providers here!

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire comprehensive program including the full 6 week curriculum, five group coaching calls, Proprietary Method Tool Builder, 1:1 coaching call, access to insider resources, coaching team & community during time in program, educational workbook, welcome kit, and certificate of completion is $3297.00 all in.

The curriculum is designed to be consumed in one hour with one additional hour for journaling, planning, and implementation of the subjects.  Many of our graduates block out 2-4 hours per week for working on their business leveraging this learning system as a guide.

The CTS curriculum teaches invaluable lessons around boundary setting, handling toxic employees, and optimizing your impact as an owner.  Whether your goal is to hire your first team member or scale up to multiple locations, this program will help you set the stage for lucrative freedom-based growth that will allow you to build your business with confidence, your way.

Yes! You will have the opportunity to work directly with a KLC team member throughout specific milestones in the program.  Tune in carefully to the audio training to learn how to join all of the several coaching sessions available to you!

Our goal is to empower female founders with a personal blueprint for a life-first business and it’s important that we maintain the integrity of that environment. Any business partners are welcome to listen in on the podcasts, view replays, and join 1:1 calls. However, group sessions are exclusively held for our community of women.

Once you head to the APPLY button, you will be directed to complete a very brief questionnaire.  A KLC team member will personally review your state of business and goals to make sure this program is aligned with your needs.  If it’s not, we can recommend a more appropriate pathway for growth within our coaching ecosystem!