Episode 56: Get Better, Not Bigger

I routinely hear excuses from business owners to validate why they are keeping themselves stuck, in complexity, or growing bigger but not better.

“That employee is painfully resistant to change but I can’t let them go because they’ve been here too long”.  Or “I’m exhausted and don’t have time to add more to my schedule so I’ll just hang onto the same systems and cross my fingers they fit eventually”.  This device I purchased is collecting dust but I spent so much on it that I am going to hang onto it”.  Patients are not showing up for their appointments but I don’t want to collect a consultation fee because I never have”….]

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What happens when we make excuses for the things that aren’t working in our business is we work to grow bigger to fill gaps.

We hire more employees to make up for the people who aren’t pulling their weight.  We add on more technologies to (quote) “automate” systems that are strategically misaligned with our business.  Or we invest in and market more products and services to compensate for the lack of success with our existing ones.

And then something really interesting happens.  We have more team, more services, and more expenses.  Instead of simplifying your business you are simply scaling complexity.

This leaders, is what essentially happens to businesses as they are looking to grow but not focused on strategic, planned growth that allows for scale.

Tune into this episode for some encouragement to think about applying focus to your business build a BETTER, not BIGGER business.

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