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How OmniaPiel Hit 7 Figures and 4x’d its Team with Guidance from KLC Consulting


Lauren Timpe-Castellanos, RN, BSN, CCRN
Co-Founder & Lead Injector, OmniaPiel Facial Aesthetics


Lauren Timpe-Castellanos started her career at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California as a registered nurse. She quickly climbed the ranks, but it was also during this time that she encountered her first skin issue of melasma, also known as hormonal hyperpigmentation.

Seeking treatment for her skin condition opened Lauren’s eyes to the world of facial aesthetics and fueled her passion for skin, after a lot of trial and error with her own! She was eager to pursue a new path — taking a natural approach to aesthetics and treating skin conditions effectively but gently. In 2017, Lauren and her husband founded OmniaPiel Facial Aesthetics.

Thanks to Lauren’s commitment to continuous learning, OmniaPiel has become well-established in a highly competitive field in a short time. This preeminent brand and its powerhouse leader are advancing the industry for patients and practitioners alike.

A Brand Anchored in Patient Care

OmniaPiel Facial Aesthetics prides itself on being an inclusive community for all skin care types. The practice’s team is dedicated to helping all patients feel at home in their skin.

Overcoming Systems and Staffing Challenges

Prior to working with KLC Consulting, Lauren was spending 6 days a week in the clinic. She knew OmniaPiel was ready for strategic support, so the business could scale up beyond Lauren operating as the main talent. She was wearing multiple hats as an injector, clinical service provider, and business owner — and she knew there had to be a better way.

Finding Her

Through a deep commitment to her mission, Lauren moved past her imposter syndrome with KLC founder Kaeli Lindholm’s guidance. Today, Lauren’s insight and ingenuity are elevating conversations in the aesthetic industry, and the iconic work she’s doing is helping others thrive.

Figures in Annual Revenue - on the way to 2 million +
Employees (Up from 2!)
Locations and growing

Kaeli has been so impactful in the last two years that I’ve been working with her because she’s really helped me own my space. I now feel confident as the CEO of my practice

Founders on a mission to make skin care more inclusive

When Lauren and her husband Dr. Jorge Castellanos started OmniaPiel Facial Aesthetics in 2017, the company provided mobile, concierge aesthetic treatments. Within three years, OmniaPiel was ready to serve more patients and shifted away from mobile services to open its first brick-and-mortar location in Southern California. Just a year later in 2021, the company expanded to a second location.

Through this exciting change and growth, OmniaPiel has stayed true to its mission and prides itself on being an inclusive community for all skin types. Offering patients this kind of treatment environment is extremely important to Lauren, given her own skin condition being incorrectly treated in the past.

“We take our time with our clients and get to know them and hear their concerns. This builds a deeper bond and relationship between patient and provider,” Lauren says.

Gaps in marketing and operations hindered growth

As OmniaPiel grew, in 2020 the business reached a point where Lauren was working 6 days a week — and this simply wasn’t sustainable.

Lauren wanted to reduce her hours and delegate more administrative responsibilities to her team, while providing them with the leadership they needed to stay organized, complete daily tasks, and anticipate practice needs. She needed guidance on staff duties, communicating expectations, determining appropriate goals for team members, and helping them meet those objectives.

To complicate matters, the aesthetic industry is flooded with inexperienced providers, which made it difficult for OmniaPiel to be top of mind for providing first class patient care and education. Lauren wanted to level up OmniaPiel’s social media presence and gain more clients from digital marketing, but she needed to move past her imposter syndrome to shine as a recognized thought leader in her space.

It was clear to Lauren that strategic guidance would be the ticket to helping OmniaPiel scale up beyond her being the company’s main talent. She had to get out of day-to-day service delivery and fully step into her role as CEO. Lauren knew that if she could just release the invisible handcuffs she was wearing, she could make an imprint of tremendous magnitude on her industry.

Getting uncomfortable to scale up the business

Lauren’s goal was to partner with a guide and a community of thought leaders who could help her ask the right questions to design a framework for business growth. She was ready to take her genius work to the next level; a destination that would honor the core desires she had when she and Dr. Jorge started OmniaPiel.

After evaluating several potential partners, KLC Consulting emerged as the unmatched choice.. OmniaPiel was ready to get uncomfortable, and KLC’s philosophy of disrupting the status quo was exactly what the company needed. Lauren and Jorge wanted to unearth common issues in medical practices that end up becoming patterns and deterring growth, and KLC’s diverse expertise in the aesthetic industry made the firm the perfect partner.

Developing 7-figure confidence, systems, and offerings

OmniaPiel began working with KLC Consulting in January 2021. Since then, Lauren has progressed through a variety of KLC’s programming including private coaching with Kaeli, the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy, and the Confidence to Scale business certification.

“Kaeli and I really aligned on finding and owning my confidence, and I needed that boost in my practice. We have seen an enormous amount of growth since then,” Lauren says.

KLC helped OmniaPiel develop more polished systems and communication with both clients and staff. The company now has an onboarding package for employees, as well as benchmarks and goals for them to reach quarterly and yearly.

“Kaeli helped us create standard operating procedures quickly and it was such a relief,” Lauren says. “It’s a beautiful thing to have a new employee come on and obviously train with me, but also if they need reinforcement or a reminder of something we trained on, it’s documented for them.”

Since working with Kaeli and her team, Lauren and Jorge have implemented new revenue streams like memberships and bundles into the practice, and they have a much clearer sense of when (and when not) to not run promotions — plus how to execute them strategically.

“Kaeli was tough on us about that and it has served us so well,” Lauren says. “She has everything broken down from a numbers perspective and from an algorithmic perspective.”

Knowing that a business cannot grow beyond its leader’s growth, Kaeli also helped Lauren establish solid boundaries around the way she would market to, interact with, and treat patients. And together, they worked through Lauren’s imposter syndrome.

Now, Lauren can confidently go to market with a message that sets her apart in a sea of sameness. She’s also become a better leader to her team, patients, and peers.

Surpassing 7 figures and expanding the team

Today, Lauren’s insight and ingenuity are elevating conversations in the aesthetic industry, and she is doing iconic work, helping others thrive.

She has created proprietary packages, implemented standard operating procedures, raised prices to match her worth, and designed exclusive memberships for her clients. She’s also developed industry thought leadership through her private internship program, been recognized as a master injector, and accepted a role with the Allergan Medical Institute’s training program.

“Kaeli has been so impactful in the last two years that I’ve been working with her because she’s really helped me own my space,” Lauren says. “That was difficult for me before. But I now feel confident in the role I’m in.”

OmniaPiel has also passed the 7-figure mark and is steadily approaching $2 million in annual revenue, faster than originally projected. The company has grown from 2 to 8 employees and counting, and has expanded to a second location. Lauren and Jorge aren’t just building a business — they’re building an ecosystem ripe for growth.

Thriving with a CEO mindset

Lauren is now at a stage in her business journey where she can do what she loves without constraints or red tape. She’s ready to continue challenging herself to impact more people, make more money, and to do it on her own terms.

She and Jorge have plans to move to a larger location and continue expanding their team. Through it all, they want OmniaPiel to maintain a boutique, family-owned practice environment where patients feel valued and heard. And they’re leaning on the support of a strong, trustworthy, and passionate team to be the catalyst for future growth to infinite levels.

Watch Lauren speak about her experience here:

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