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Every week join Kaeli and her thought leading guests for a powerful dose of strategy, sarcasm, solutions, and sass that will rev up your creativity and ignite your brilliance in 20 mins or less!

Fierce Factor Episodes

Episode 10: The Power of Patient Retention

Today Kaeli shares a training that she led in her POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy. She describes how practices intuitively know that “patient retention” is important,

Episode 09: You Are Worthy

Zanoli Kozlowski is the Global Director of Education for Skin Better Science. She joins us today to discuss all things aesthetics, personal growth, and naturally,

Episode 08: The Aesthetic Reinvention

Today Kaeli shares a quick 5 minute message about why she is hosting her upcoming free 5 day bootcamp: The Aesthetic Reinvention on June 22nd.

Episode 07: Success Incubation

In this week’s episode of The Fierce Factor,  Kaeli goes “behind-the-scenes” on what she’s learned from her top clients & guests on what it takes

Episode 03: Says Who with Dr Sabrina Fabi

Kaeli recently had the opportunity to get vulnerable with one of this industry’s thought leaders, Dr. Sabrina Fabi. She is a board-certified dermatologist who practices

Episode 02: Bigger Than You

In today’s episode of The Fierce Factor, Kaeli shares all the sentiments she is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. She also focuses on how

Episode 01: Fierce AF

 Welcome to The Fierce Factor. Join your host Kaeli Lindholm, a 10+ year corporate aesthetic executive turned business consultant. Kaeli’s mission is to help


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