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Episode 198: Enrolling Your Team Into Your Thought Leadership Goals

In this week’s Fierce Factor episode we are going to explore a self-reflection of who you are as a leader of your business and team, and how that dynamic  impacts your aspirations as a thought leader.

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I chose this topic for today to speak to the deeper depths of thought leadership for female entrepreneurs.  Because what I have found is that thought leadership often “sounds sexy”, looks attractive on social media, and can be quite fulfilling to the ego AND to the bank account.  And honestly, being a thought leader allows the creation of tremendous impact in the world.

But there’s also a responsibility that comes with elevating yourself into a thought leadership role. And that is something that is often overlooked.

Thought leadership isn’t just about thoughts. It’s about having someone to lead, guide, and influence. 

And while an obvious part of developing our thought leadership is seeking new stages to stand on, let’s not neglect the very system that allowed us the freedom to explore and expand in the first place.

As it relates to the work we do at KLC, that means tethering a line to your beautiful business and team.

I’m this session we will explore five potential landmines that could detour your thought leadership ambitions, and my hope is that by recognizing these often overlooked mis-steps, you can devise a plan that supports both your quest for evolving as a thought leader AND the engagement, buy-in, and support of your employees.

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