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Episode 191: What Thought Leadership Actually Requires of You

Have you ever considered what it takes to become a thought leader in the world? Well I have. In fact, in my past corporate role I was responsible for KOL (key opinion leader) “development”.

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That meant I would seek to develop strategic partnerships with highly influential clients of ours who could be a spokesperson for our products. It’s a brilliant move on behalf of a company seeking to gain credibility through peer to peer selling.

But this scenario is not true independent thought leadership.

In this week’s Fierce Factor podcast I dive deep into the true essence of thought leadership, challenging the conventional understanding and adoption of “key opinion leaders” in the aesthetic industry.

I’ll discuss:

  • The overuse and misunderstanding of the term “thought leader” in the industry.
  • The distinction between being a public figure or influencer and being a genuine thought leader.
  • The importance of legacy work over short-term achievements like hitting revenue goals.
  • The role of self-leadership, team alignment, and integrity in true thought leadership.
  • The need for thought leaders to push beyond their comfort zones and challenge the status quo.

Genuine leadership involves aligning with partners and actions that reflect your core values and long-term vision. I encourage you to reflect on your path to thought leadership to align your actions with  true purpose.


Xo, Kaeli

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