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Episode 190: The Role of Commissions in a Thriving Culture

Hello leader, welcome back to episode 190 of the Fierce Factor podcast.  It’s your host Kaeli here bringing you an incredible gift of two inspiring and intentional business leaders in this podcast.  Today I am interviewing Katie Speaks and Delaney Poor, Co-founder and Intraprenuer of Beyond Skin Aesthetics based out of Gahanna, Ohio. So a little back story I’ll share, I happened to be sitting at the same table as them at a conference this year and the whole table was having conversations about disgruntled employees who were becoming entitled and competitive over the commissions they were earning as providers for sales goals.  And it was this totally unanimous tone that these employees were difficult to work with because they were so focused on earning potential.  And I was thinking to myself “the irony”.  Hire people, show them that the path to success is to be hungry to “sell” and then feel resentful that they are doing their job and expecting what was promised to them.

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And from across the table these ladies spoke up and addressed the huge elephant in the room confidently saying that “the problem is less about the employee and more about the culture that the business owner had designed by incentivizing through commissions”.  I was so intrigued by this confident statement that I began to ask them about their business, what success looks like for them, what motivates employees without commissionable earning potential, and how do they build culture in their practice AND hit their sales goals.

Well, that conversation was so enlightening that I asked them to come and share with all of you here on the Fierce Factor.

In this episode you will hear some game changing pearls that synthesize the entire philosophy of a life-first business, not just for its owners but for its employees.  You will hear what an inside-out growth framework looks like, how the hiring and onboarding process is crucial to the long term success of an employee, and my personal favorite part of this interview- the raw perspective of the daughter of a serial business owner who lived the life as the daughter of a very busy working mom.

I just loved this interview with Katie and Delaney and can’t wait for you to take this masterclass on building a thriving culture.


Watch this interview on YouTube- https://youtu.be/zPB7zSAN3mc

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