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Episode 189: Why So Many Businesses Struggle With ‘Systems’

Many of the clients we work with are so incredibly passionate about the work they do and out of the gate really put so much emphasis on building a pristine patient experience.

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The problem is that when it comes time to onboard support or scale your business, all that magic resides in your brain. There’s no instruction manual or clear-cut explanations for what the business should look like.

And I’ve been there.

Setting up “systems” in my business was really a big overwhelming fear of mine. For a long time I felt like my business wasn’t “advanced” enough. Then I became so busy with the day to day operations that stepping back to build systems felt like the biggest hurdle.

If this resonates and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the time and focus it will take to get your structure and systems in order, you’re not alone. This process is a critical step to building a scalable business.

If you’re worried about stifling your business with stiff operating procedures, don’t be. The truth is that the process of turning your way of doing things into step-by-step systems actually sets the foundation for greater flexibility in your life.

Not only should your processes be seamlessly laid out, but they should also be designated for completion by a specific team member. This ensures everyone on your team is clear about their role and expectations. This level of organization should be built into every part of your business including marketing, patient intake, treatment, and follow up.

If you are at a point in your business where you need systems but you’re struggling to implement them, there could be multiple reasons why. Tune into this week’s Fierce Factor Podcast to learn how you can improve and create a better, more effective system for your business.

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