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Episode 180: Diagnosing the Source of Dysfunction on Your Team

Today we’re talking about how to diagnose dysfunction within your team. If something feels off with a team member or you notice a rift among your team, you’ll want to access wisdom that can help you get to the root of the problem. Only then can you address it.

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When the culture within your business is off, the underlying cause isn’t always clear. In fact, there could be several different factors at play. Your role is to ensure that one bad day, or even one bad week, doesn’t turn into a bad month or a year. It’s also important to shield your team members from toxic influences.

Clarity is one of the underlying causes for dysfunction. You have to know what you need from your employees. Bringing an employee is great, but you have to know how to direct them. Another related area you need to address is confusion. Your team members should know what success is supposed to look like for them.

Your employees must be clear on your value system—as opposed to doing things their own way. Your team needs to know your core values before they can align with them. Slowing down and creating an environment where people can thrive also helps you avoid dysfunction, especially in a business where things are changing rapidly.

If you’re not measuring success in your business, or you’re measuring too many things, you might miss getting the full picture of how your employee is meeting expectations. Along with this, you must hold your team accountable for producing those results. They should be incentivized to meet your expectations.


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