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Episode 172: Where Have All the Good People Gone?

If you want to bring the right people into your business and create a thriving team, it’s critical to think strategically. Employee needs have evolved, and money motivation isn’t the only factor for potential hires. Things have changed, and what these individuals want is more complex. If employee needs have evolved, your hiring practices should, too.

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I recently engaged in an exercise where I wrote out my own “hiring story.” It includes how it affects me and the struggles that accompany it. It struck me that my hiring story was completely out of alignment with what I value and how I want to perceive the hiring process.

I totally get it—the hiring process is fraught with uncertainty and disappointment. You should expect it to be challenging. Hiring is like playing the lottery: you have to keep on playing if you ever want to win. If your preconceptions about hiring are negative, this is going to impact the type of people you attract to your business.

Your marketing strategy needs to be better than just reaching out to fill the holes. You need to offer more than compensation. Look to hire people, not positions. There is value in the qualities someone brings to the role you want to fill. Hire “intrapreneurs” instead of employees, because they will think independently and be driven by results to get things done instead of simply working for a paycheck.

When you view this process differently, you will feel empowered by the opportunity to mentor and inspire others. I’ve realized hiring, firing, and team building is all part of the growth journey and my purpose on this earth. Create new strategies and adjust your mindset. Learn to adapt your hiring story so it aligns with your vision and supports the process.

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