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Episode 156: Bonus: What Your Practice Manager Needs From You

In this week’s bonus episode, I’m re-sharing a very important message. Do you have a practice manager overseeing your day-to-day operations? A business owner wears so many hats, so it can be worthwhile to hire someone to handle the managing side of things. This means your role can be more autonomous and flexible and free you up to focus on the other parts of your business that really matter.

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A manager can help you create systems that help your business run more efficiently so you can step out of your role as provider and into your role as CEO. But remember that when it comes to hiring a practice manager, you get what you pay for. It’s worth investing in someone who really embodies what you want.

We so often overlook the value of a great practice manager. When you find a good one, make sure you support them in the ways they need to run the business optimally. It’s a dynamic role that may need more support than you know, and in different ways than you might have considered.

So how can you expand your relationship with your practice manager? First, have their back. Your team needs to know your manager is a direct representative of you. You should also try to make every important meeting. Not every meeting, but every important one.

Another way to expand this relationship is to praise the good as much as you acknowledge the bad. Celebrate the small wins in formalized ways with intentional focus. Lastly, manage your micromanagement. If they are competent and trusted, it may be time to let them do the work without micromanagement.

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