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Episode 134: Managing Entrepreneurial Stress

If you’re anything like me, you’re not a stranger to being stressed out. You’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed about what’s next. After a crazy week and having to talk myself off a ledge, I figured I would talk to you today about managing entrepreneurial stress.

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Reaching burnout is always touted as a bad thing, but what if it could be good for you? What if burnout is the point that you need to reach to make the decision to take your freedom back once and for all? After years of a pandemic, wars, inflation, and so many other things, it can feel like there’s nothing but bad out there. However, you can control how you respond to those triggers.

Today I want to share some ways you can stimulate and recharge your mental freedom, all with the help of one tool we all already have: our brains! Stress only has power over you when you tell it that it does.

We don’t have to be restrained by the problems and overwhelm we create in our own heads along with everything else that is happening. Rest and relaxation are all well and good, but the stress will still be there when you’re done. Until last week, this was all I needed to get by, but I realized it isn’t enough, I needed to harness my own power within to make a change.

I realized that entrepreneurs need a framework to manage entrepreneurial stress in the beginning, so I made one that works for me. Hopefully it can help you deal with your stressors too.

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