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Episode 133: Bonus: Marketing Your Proprietary Method

There are plenty of tactics we can teach that can help you grow your business. We can help you pull levers to attract more clients, to better market your services, to grow your exposure and visibility in the marketplace. But the reality is, 80% of businesses stagnate at a 1:1 service model (meaning the business owner remains the service provider whose delivery is the primary source of revenue) as their business grows; I believe that so much of traditional entrepreneurship education focuses exclusively on teaching tactics and this has underserved entrepreneurs.

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The tactics don’t matter if you aren’t willing to dig deep to understand not only what you stand for but then to sophisticate your brand to help your dream clients see you as the one and only obvious choice for them.

I have a special bonus episode for you today! I am taking you on a stroll down memory lane to revisit a subject that I truly believe is a cornerstone to effective marketing, to achieving deep fulfillment in your business, and to creating a bespoke experience that is repeatable, consistent, and scalable.

Today we are going to discuss a PAM or your Proprietary Aesthetic Method that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and showcase yourself as a preeminent brand.

After you listen to this episode you can go back to episode 108 to put more into context about how we help our clients leverage their own proprietary process to build a world class brand and what you can expect during our 3 day event in December www.klcconsultants.com/proprietarymethod

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