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Episode 130: Bonus: Success Secrets of Top Female Aesthetic Injectors

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This week I am sharing a bonus episode, an episode I recorded earlier this year that really illustrates the key success traits that I’ve uncovered through my years of interviewing, working with, and observing top injectors in our industry.  And as I have been running three programs, yes three including our POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy, our Confidence to Scale 6 week business growth certification program, and TAP (Transforming Aesthetic Practices) a private business marketing accelerator in collaboration with Jan Marini Skin Research; I’m finding this episode becomes more and more relevant as the year progresses.

Today I have assembled a powerful list of practical and tactical knowledge I have gained working with some of the most successful injectors around the globe. These success secrets are common traits that each of them share and they are what I believe contribute to unstoppable success.

I hope you enjoy this bonus episode and please feel free to share with a top injector you admire!

Enjoy 🙂

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