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Episode 121: The DNA of a Successful Aesthetic Training Academy with Yvonne Dellos

A byproduct of the unstoppable advancements our industry has experienced over the past several years is the rapid growth of clinical coaching & personal training academies in aesthetics.

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When this week’s Fierce Factor Podcast guest opened her training academy there were only 16 independent training institutions in the United States. That number has more than quadrupled in less than 5 years.

This week I have a very special and inspiring interview with the incredibly talented Yvonne Dellos. MSN, FNP-BC, National Aesthetic Trainer, KOL, and Speaker.

Yvonne is the brilliant founder of the acclaimed Medical Aesthetic Art Institute, the Aesthetic Co., and Aesthetic ER. Yvonne is a recognized third-party trainer and KOL for Mint PDO threads and Candela. She is a proud member of the Merz Advisory Board. She also trains aesthetic injectors nationwide for some of the largest aesthetic companies.  Yvonne and Medical Aesthetic Art Institute were voted Institute of the Year 2021 at Aesthetic Next and Outstanding MINT Instructor of the year 2021.

In this interview, Yvonne talks about the adversity she has faced throughout the years. She is one of six kids (latch key child), very independent, eventually dropping out of high school to eventually becoming the CEO of 3 businesses, running 8 revenue streams, and building her multi-million dollar empire while leading, training, mentoring, and coaching women all across the globe in our industry!

During our time together Yvonne shares:

  • What it takes to become a reputable, established aesthetic institute.
  • The questions someone looking for training should be asking and what they should focus on to discern what is an established and reputable training program with the right credentials.
  • How to set your own academy up for success.
  • The respect she has for the other women in our industry and her predictions for the future.

I’m really excited to share this interview- get ready to leave feeling inspired, empowered, and excited to take on that next big goal in your life! Yvonne is truly passionate and focused on helping empower women in our industry. She’s all about building self confidence and striving for excellence in every area of your life.


Xo- Kaeli


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