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Episode 117: Transitioning to Cash Pay Model with Heidi Hermel, NP

Hello, Fierce Factor!

I am so excited to share with you this incredible interview with our very own POP Leadership Academy client, friend, and nurse practitioner extraordinaire, Heidi Hermel from Mankato, Minnesota.

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Heidi shares her experience transitioning from an insurance-based medical practice to building her own rapid growing medical spa.

She talks about some of the challenges she had with securing funding as a female with a business that was all built around her and really no proof of concept.

She talks about the nuances of developing team, investing in team early and shares some tips about how to handle and prepare for rapid growth. For so many practice owners who are growing so quickly, the challenge is not about figuring out how to grow, but figuring out how to sustain that growth in a way that is still deeply fulfilling where you can show up and feel joy in your business instead of being resentful for its growth.

She talks about building and creating culture and being intentional about accepting no drama in your practice.

Heidi’s story is just so incredibly moving because she talks about how she really kind of just started out as a provider for the ability to care for patients, to build relationships with them, and to give them access to healthcare in a different way.

She has since been able to build and develop and nurture not only a team but three kids, retire her husband, and build a multi-million dollar medical spa.

You do not want to miss this episode!

So without further ado, enjoy this episode of The Fierce Factor with Heidi Hermel.

Xo, Kaeli

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