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Episode 113: What Your Practice Manager Needs From You

Today I want to flip the script in a very loving and supportive way for you business owners out there who are responsible for supporting a significant number of employees and also for those of you who are thinking about bringing on a manager to oversee staff management and your day to day operations.

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So often a business owner wears so many hats.  She has built her business doing brilliant 1:1 work with her patients, she is focused on clinical outcomes, client experience, and developing her brand.  And because of this the management side of things tends to get overlooked. Not because it isn’t important, but typically because the initial team members who are brought into a young business are usually multi-tasking or (multi-rolling) as we call it in our academy and staying in lanes is not necessarily desirable off the bat.

But as the business continues to advance, its primary roles, systems, structures, and processes are actually the key factor that will allow a founder to experience autonomy and flexibility in their business.  Sounds counterintuitive but that’s the facts.

As a former managing director who was and as an advisor to both business owners and practice managers around the country, I feel it’s important to understand the perspective of your manager who is leading a team of people, and is responsible for directing them in step with your needs, your vision, and your approval.  This leader, is a very important and dynamic role that needs more of your support than you may know and in ways you may not have considered.

Tune in as I walk you through a practice manager- developed optimization checklist to help you strategize how you might be able to show up for your practice manager as a better leader, to optimize their productivity, to fuel them with your support, and to inject fire in their belly to inspire them to radiate that same kind of passion into each and every team member.

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Xo, Kaeli

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