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Episode 108: Your Proprietary Aesthetic Method – The Retreat

So often a business owner who is also the main service provider of their business has an approach that is so customized that only they can do it.

While this customization is so impactful to patient outcomes, it can be very challenging to teach this approach to someone else.

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The dilemma so many of our clients face when they come to work with us is being able to offer a consistent experience for patients as they scale their business through other providers, and to leverage this experience as a brand differentiator that “calls” patients to them versus needing to “sell” patients on getting treated by their team members.

The solution to this dilemma is to have a distinct methodology that patients come for.  Not to you, not to your instafamous RN injector, not to your pimped out location, but to your preeminent brand.  So regardless of the changes that you make around the people, the location, the techniques, the services, or the products you offer- the system or method by which you approach patient care will not change. It becomes woven through the tapestry of your brand becomes the heartbeat of everything you do.

It’s something that I call a PAM or proprietary aesthetic method.

If you are looking to scale your lucrative cash reserves, market influence, and sweet freedom in business and life through team instead of hard work, join us for a first of its kind virtual retreat to teach you how to develop a unique methodology that will put you in position to catapult your brand with clarity, intention, and momentum.

Tune into this episode to learn more about our retreat and selling your brilliant talent vs. the products and services you are using to achieve that result through our PROPRIETARY METHOD SOLUTION TOOL.

The goal of this tool is to really simplify the process for systematizing your very customized approach to patient care.  It synergizes the thing you want to be the very best in the world at with the gap in the market and elegantly communicates that through a five step process that you will own.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Become known for something distinct in your industry
  • Charge top dollar for your services because patients will seek you out versus the other way around
  • Develop confidence in converting services to another provider
  • Build a lucrative cash reserve that will allow you to:
    • Hire the best team on planet earth
    • Scale your business beyond what you can do 1:1
    • Create abundant freedom and autonomy in your life & business

Visit klcconsultants.com/proprietarymethod to learn more and register.

Enjoy! Xo, Kaeli

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