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Episode 105: Reflections: Six Pack Abs

This week’s Fierce Factor podcast episode is a moment to reflect on growth, new milestones, the new outlook for our business and the trajectory for our clients, and how together we have evolved over the past few months through the experience of sharing my own personal and professional journey with you, leader.

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I’ve shared quite a bit in previous episodes about my college soccer days.  But I haven’t talked a lot about the years leading up to that.  In this episode, I share a story about the year I discovered my six pack abs and how my journey can be used as a parallel to raising a business.

Sometimes we want that “thing” so bad that we obsess over the end result without a principal focus on the journey.

We can begin to lose patience, we begin to doubt our advancement, and we start to feel deflated.  Then we give up.

So many entrepreneurs I work with quit or abandon a project way too soon. They feel drained by the imbalance of work in comparison to the outcome the work is generating.

We tend to have a false picture about how success happens because from the third person vantage point we almost always see the result but almost never see the process….

We think if something is amazing or beautiful or brilliant then the process of achieving that must have been equally amazing.  HOWEVER, 99% of the time, it is in fact the total opposite.  The process of accomplishing something significant is usually unsexy, painful, costly, or embarrassing.

But I am confident that the same discipline that resulted in six pack abs will cultivate success beyond my wildest dreams, and I know it will for you too.

Tune in to share this experience with me!

Xo, Kaeli

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