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Episode 104: The Time Versus Money Conundrum

So often I have conversations with high growth female business owners who are strapped for time every single day.  They are juggling a million things in their life- motherhood, housekeeping, dog caring, friending, wifing, and fixing.  Oh and all while treating back to back patients while slamming down caffeine and holding their bladder until they can sprint to the restroom for a break.

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For many years, my personal goal was revenue growth and then profitability.  Having profits would allow me to build a savings account, make investments into my long term wealth, and to reinvest back into the business so that it could become a cash machine for me down the road.

But what happened for me at some point in time several years ago is something that you might be able to relate to.  I was the main talent of the business and my work inside of the business began to exhaust me.  Someone needed to manage the back end, the team building, the contractors, the client experience, the vision and its execution.  It all fell on me.  And I became exhausted.  While I had a very small but mighty team to support me, my administrative workload began to grow in step with my coaching workload.

The part of the business growth that made me more in demand, the part that fed both my bank account and my ego started to become a drain on my time and left me with an energy void at the end of every day.

I talk with women on a daily basis who tell me they can relate to being in this place.  Loving their work, feeling fulfilled by the impact and relationships they have cultivated with their clients, and yet also dangerously skilled to the point that even though they are grinding themselves to the bone keeping everything seemingly intact, they will sacrificially chisel away at their most precious resource in the process.

What comes first, time or money? Do I need time to make money? Or do I need money to make time?

This classic time versus money conundrum is a real thing.

Tune in to this week’s episode to explore this ideology with me and prepare yourself to approach your relationship with time in a whole different way.

Xo, Kaeli

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