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Episode 102: Difficult Conversations With Employees

Today we are going to discuss the oh so dreaded reality of having difficult conversations with employees.

So often as leaders we question our ability to cultivate an environment where our employees respect our authority and let’s be real, actually like us and WANT to work for us.  It’s sort of this tug and pull between needing to set boundaries, hold employees accountable, and yet also inspire them to take autonomous and passionate action to move the needle in our business without us telling them what to do.

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Today’s topic is so important because performance management is like the speedometer for your business. It’s critical to develop a consistent practice for managing poor performance and dealing with scenarios that are below expectation in a timely, orderly, and unemotional manner.

My goal for this episode is to help you understand the following three parts:

  1. What needs to be in place to establish clear expectations with employees
  2. Where performance management goes wrong & mistakes you could be making
  3. How to have an un-emotional conversation with an employee about poor performance

Tune in to learn more and uncover my five checkpoints to designing a practice for consistent, relative feedback!

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