Episode 90: Reflections: Addiction to Progress

In this week’s Fierce Factor episode let’s address the elusive ideology that we aren’t always the ones in control and how we as business owners don’t always have the ability to see through the clearest lense.

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I routinely use the analogy that you can’t see the bottle from inside the label.  Or the picture from inside the frame.  It’s a perspective thing.  That is why it is extremely valuable to bring someone you can trust in from the outside who understands your industry and your ambitions to help you see the bigger picture.

So often, we have a distorted view of what is actually going on in the business because we are in the eye of the storm.  We are the eye of the storm.

Think about a hurricane… The eye of the hurricane feels completely justified and in control, it’s powerful, its magnetic, its commanding, it’s slowly executing its purpose.  But what’s happening around it is chaos.  A flurry of disruption that is creating a domino impact.  Yet it’s all happening so organically that seems almost indestructible, in fact at times it seems purposeful.  And so relating that back to your business, think about the central focus of your business.  Similar to the experience of  this client, it can be eerily deceiving that the things that once brought you value or you believe still are, are in fact the things that are becoming your biggest barrier to growth.

Success is a double edged sword. It’s so interesting that often the tools, strategies, and mindset that brings success will ultimately become the thing that needs to change to stimulate next level growth in the future.

And it makes sense.  Because as business owners we are growing as humans.  If we aren’t really embracing and investing in this journey of personal growth, our business will never grow beyond us.

Too many times, I’ve witnessed strong, commanding, purposeful business owners become victims to their own storm they have created for themselves because they lose focus.  They overlook or misvalue the importance of slowing down and really evaluating their business model.

As I’m reflecting on the past 15 weeks, this is a central idea for me.  How can I create meaningful impact in the world that allows me to have freedom, influence, and autonomy at scale?

As you are planning for the future leader, I hope I can inspire you to think about your role in your business and the way you have shown up for your business in the past as a beautiful stepping stone to who are capable of becoming in the future.

Tune in to hear a powerful story of success, growth, and opportunity and how your addiction to progress may be both the catalyst AND the achilles heel to your ultimate fulfillment in business and life.

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