Episode 88: Accountability is Your Path to Freedom

We are quickly approaching the end of 2021… What is it about a new year that stimulates a sense of new beginnings, newfound hope and optimism about the future?  The answer to that question is ACCOUNTABILITY.

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In this week’s Fierce Factor episode I discuss the act of accountability… accountability to ourselves, to our commitments, taking accountability for our actions, and finding a way to outsource accountability to keep us on track toward our goals.

In 2022, accountability will be the fuel for you to make decisions differently about the future.

This year, how will you think differently about the commitments you make?  Will you top staying in the same partnership, employee relationship, or loop of spending more than you are making out of fear of missing out on “the next big thing”.

Instead, are you willing to make an empowered decision to live your life differently?  To execute differently and to find the right kind of accountability to help you stay committed to your goals.  Not to look and follow everyone else’s?

Investment in ACCOUNTABILITY is the key differentiator between the people who succeed and fail in life. Leader, it’s time to start thinking like a CEO.  If you want to build a life of significance, impact, and freedom- it’s time to stop being reactive or impulsive as a business owner.

Tune in for a quick dose of inspiration, motivation, and yes you guessed it, accountability!  Cheers to 2022!

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