Episode 64: 5 Questions to Ask Before Investing in an Aesthetic Device

A very important part of the work we do in our academy is helping our clients ask the right questions.  You may have heard me talk in a past podcast about the 5 Why’s.  When faced with a decision, really reverse-engineering the answer through a series of questions to help guide our intuition and help us stay in integrity with our goals.

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And a few weeks ago a client of ours asked if she should invest in an aesthetic device so I advised her to go through the 5 Why exercise and we uncovered a lot of reasons the timing may not have been right for her.  We chatted through some things we could work on over the next 6 weeks to tee up her business and patients for a home run launch with her new device… and that conversation inspired me to share some content from a blog I wrote a few years back.

Without the right preparation before adding a new revenue stream, you might be equally as likely to empty your wallet without seeing the anticipated return on your investment. If you’re considering a new device, now is a perfect time to stop and ask yourself five critical questions.

Tune into this episode to uncover Five Questions to Ask before Investing in an Aesthetic Device

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