Episode 61: Onboarding a New Employee 101

Today we are going to discuss an important topic related to our Academy Milestone 3: Assembling a team of employees that will give you leverage to scale your business (meaning to help you make more money without the investment of more of your time)!

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I chose this topic today because I was inspired by one of our Academy members who is in a rapid hiring phase because she is in the process of a gorgeous rebrand that is transitioning her practice from a “personal brand” aka (her name) to an overarching independent business brand (meaning her business has a story that will build authority and make impact with or without her attached to it)- ie allowing her to take more vacations, exit the business when she desires, and make a lot more money.

During a recent conversation our client posed one simple thought: “What are the top pitfalls to onboarding a new employee”?  So today I want to share my answers to that question with you all because perhaps you’re in a similar position (or will be soon) and this lesson will be a powerful one for you.  And if you are, Congratulations! You’re about to learn the most effective way to onboard them so they can quickly produce for you.  Today I’ll share 4 pitfalls that I see quickly detail the new hire process- we’ll call this “onboarding 101”

Remember leader, every hire- success or failure begins and ends with you.  If you expect to bring an Intraprenuer into your business, you better be willing to step up your game, make the investment in them, and see their relationship with you and your business as a true PARTNERSHIP.

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