Episode 58: Convert Callers to Consults

Some practices invest tons of time and money helping their team learn how to “sell better.”

And I personally am OVER that method.

The reality is, if a buyer has not assured themselves that they are worth investing in, no amount of phone schmoozing is going to “convince” that patient to book a consultation with you.

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They are either ready to invest in themselves or not.  And spending twenty minutes on the phone with them haggling over methods, price ranges, and consultation fees is a waste of time and resources.

Instead, teach your team how to DISQUALIFY.

A phone call should last two minutes and confidently guide a patient into your chair without begging, pleaing, or justifying a consultation fee.

Tune into this episode “Convert Callers to Consults” and download my corresponding free resource to help streamline this process through a simple 4-step method.

You can Download my Objection Handler Guide HERE.

Leader, you are worth every penny you ask for.  Period.  Don’t let your teams’ lack of confidence get in the way of you attracting YOUR buyer.

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