Episode 49: My Parents

On the heels of so much tragedy, uncertainty, and instability I’ve been hearing stories upon stories of people who are really using this era as a life reset and I had a conversation recently that took me back to losing my brother (almost 5 years go) and remembering those last 3 months with him.  He was in the hospital after suffering from liver failure which led to kidney failure and I was by his side almost every day. We grew closer in those 3 months than we had in my 3 decades of life with him.

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I remember thinking how It seems strange that in some cases the most honor and recognition someone receives in their life is typically after they pass. When they are no longer with us here on earth we celebrate their life, we inspect their history, we draw connections to them we may have never recognized while they were here with us on earth.

And every birthday milestone we clink and toast to another year and while we move along with our lives and daily habits, we get older and our life seems to tick away without notice.

Today I want to take a moment to pay honor to the people in my life who would love me no matter what I achieved, where I lived, who I married, and how I spent my time. The same people who likely get the least amount of recognition and praise for all they accomplished in life….

Those people are My parents, Bo and Sue.

I decided to interview myself on this week’s podcast and I’d love for you to ask yourself these same questions and pay honor to your parents and/ or the people who raised you,who love you unconditionally, or who cheer for your success without one bone of resentment or jealousy in their body.

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