Episode 45: Reflections: Contrarian Leadership

If there’s one thing I learned through the pandemic it’s that there is a lot of lip service in the “Leadership” category.  Many people want to talk about being leaders or trail blazers but when push comes to shove they only want to lead if it guarantees others will follow.

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In fact, true leadership takes having the courage to do and say difficult things or make challenging decisions that will likely irritate or piss off a lot of people but it’s done with integrity and alignment to your personal values.

Leadership isn’t something that happens in your imagination or your vision or your talks about what you’re going to do someday.  Leadership is scrappy and gritty and dirty.

And being a leader means having opinions (and expressing them) even when they resist the popular belief (this is also known as contrarianism)

A contrarian is a person who holds a contrary position, especially a position against the majority. 

As I’ve advanced in my business and had more and more interactions with fierce leaders like you, I’ve come to realize that my leadership, my voice, my own contrarianism is not only nice but necessary to help illuminate the pathway for those who feel that same “itching to become” that I did.

Contrarian leadership is flat out sexy.  It’s bold, it’s brazen, it’s badass. Stop being a “boss babe” and be a BOSS.  No blurred lines, no glass boxes, no restrictions.  Just boundless authenticity and compassion for the other women who are just like us.

Are you seeing something that just “isn’t right”?  Do you have a feeling that a “system” you’ve been raised to subscribe to feels outdated, unrealistic, or unfulfilling?  Are you tired of seeing the same tone deaf voices build thought leadership in your space?  It’s time to step up.  It’s time to link arms with someone who is here to give you the green light, the courage, the unrelenting belief in YOU and your dream.

I’d like to empower you to embrace your own voice, be a contrarian.  Be an advocate and an activist for your own vision and enroll others into it through your invaluable thought leadership.

Many clients we work with feel frustrated by ‘looking and sounding’ like everyone else “claiming” to offer the same ethical care, natural results, and expertise when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There has just been an influx of unrestricted social media self-credentialing, so anyone can “claim” they are experts at their craft

Which flat out means the barrier to entry into aesthetics is incredibly low.

So I routinely see our instinct is to step up the marketing frequency, do more tick tocks, turn up the volume.  BUT

I have a rule of thumb that the bigger the microphone, the louder the message. But not necessarily more engaging.  Remember that your audience is seeing 17,000 messages a day.

So if your marketing is feeling washed out by the “noise” in the industry, it’s just time to contrarian yourself separate from the pack once and for all.

You are not average.

You are a category of one.

And I have been working for months on a one of its kind masterclass for aesthetic business leaders.  This might be the right fit for you if you are ready to:

  • Power position your brand to clarify your niche and attract high end clients
  • Design a brand promise that conveys and protects your unique value
  • Hire an “on brand” team that will simply make your business a household name

This is a free Masterclass on March 16th at 4pm pst, 7pm est called the

“Badass Brand Builder”

In this masterclass I will take you behind the scenes to some of the powerful work we do with our POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy clients to help them build them a brand that is gorgeously aligned with their core values, makes massive impact, and is built on a thought-leadership platform that is second to none.

This is The peerless preeminence positioning masterclass for aesthetic business owners ready to disrupt the status quo.

So if what I am saying today resonates with you, you are ready to for your turn to step into the cash, influence, and authority you are meant for, head to www.klcconsultants.com/masterclass and get on the waitlist.

This will be a high touch, interactive 90 minute gamechanger.  It’s free but I will you ask you to answer a few questions upon application to make sure this is the right fit for you and will add more value for you than the last 10 webinars you took combined.

Enjoy this episode & see you in Badass Brand Builder!

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