Episode 38: Beware: The Flashy Resumé

As we start to accelerate into 2021, one universal wound that doesn’t seem to heal is the desire for strong, passionate, and capable team members.  I’ve found through my years in corporate management to running a plastic surgery practice, to owning my own business that this need never goes away.  This is not one thing on our checklist that ever gets fully furnished.  In fact, from where I’m sitting, I tend to see that the stronger the business, the greater the desire is to maintain and scale that level of excellence.

Easier said than done folks!

Think about having a grand vision, epic goals, and a business with incredible momentum but not feeling like you have the skills to hire people to execute that vision.  It’s very common.

And it’s really been fun this year to look back at some of the work we’ve done and honestly evaluate what worked and didn’t work.  And one thing I feel compelled to share with you is that a “established”, experienced individual does NOT automatically bring success to your company. In fact, it could bring the opposite.

If you are looking at a resume and your main reason for hiring someone is their job title, the last employer they worked for, or the “business” they will bring you… brace yourself it may be a bumpy ride.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t incredibly qualified passionate employees out there that are the total package.  In fact, we work with many of them.  But just remember that a fancy resume may come with a higher salary, more expectations, and a history of experience that shapes the way that employees will approach their business.

If you are interested in learning more about my philosophy around hiring and culture curation, save the date for February 1st for a 90 minute masterclass where we will be discussing your next hire, strengthening your company culture, and building compensation plans that are win-win for employee and business.

You can register early at www.klcconsultants.com/masterclass.  This will be an interactive workshop style masterclass so it will be limited to 20 attendees.  The cost is $0.  I just ask for you to answer a few questions and show up and do the work.  This is not another zoom webinar with a list 10 tactics… it’s a powerful thought-provoking, elevated conversation around building deeply satisfying, lucrative, freedom-based businesses that give you the autonomy and cash reserves you deserve in 2021.

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