Episode 27: $100K Hidden in Plain Sight

Let’s talk internal marketing strategies!

We spend a lot of time talking about patient acquisition, online marketing, and social media marketing but there is just one piece of marketing in our industry that is massively overlooked and so incredibly important- and that is the kind of marketing that stimulates upsells, cross-sells, and reactivations.

This is the kind of marketing is happening for patients when they already know, like, and trust you!

Today I’ll share my biggest pet peeves around what happens when we forget to market and take advantage of the agency we have to retarget, and restimulate the patients that we already have.

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Here’s the thing, If you are doing any marketing at all this year and you are not doing work on your influential brand positioning, you are flat out leaving money on the table.

Maybe you are an Expert of your craft but not yet a master of growing your business and you have explicit ambition to create a bespoke growth system designed to produce 6 figures in revenue in your business every single month.

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