Episode 23: The In-N-Out Way

Have you ever wondered what it was like inside the $3Billion family-owned burger operation In N Out? This episode was inspired by one of our clients who said to me “everytime I drive through In N Out I am greeted proptly, with enthusiasm. My burger comes out quickly and its always insanely delicious. Never fails.

How do we run an aesthetic operation with that kind of consistency and fluidity? Well lucky for us I happen to know 16-year leadership veteran on the In N Out executive team… she also happens to be my baby sister. So together we reached out for proper approvals to share some of the insights into the hiring process, training program, and operating systems that have made this client-centric brand.

In this episode we discuss back pocket power strategies that you too can integrate to become the obvious choice for your customer.

Learn about the incredible structures and systems that build the In N out brand in this fascinating episode number 23 of the FF podcast with Lanae Kenter…

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