Episode 12: The $10,000 Phone Call

Today, host, Kaeli Lindholm is joined by Dylan Kemna from OptiCall. Dylan has been in marketing for 12 years now and is also the founder of the plastic surgery marketing group on LinkedIn. OptiCall helps medical practices to convert leads to clients through marketing and specialized systems developed through studies of live client calls.

We are presented in this episode with four pre-recorded client calls. Dylan and Kaeli share their feedback on how and what to improve to help convert the calls to clients.

Dylan gives us his insight as to how he has been optimizing marketing and sales during the pandemic and his new plans for marketing now that practices are adjusting to re-opening. The Tribe of Fierce Aesthetic Leaders Facebook group members ask questions during the podcast – you can watch the video replay of this episode on the group page.

Missed opportunities are a big factor when it comes to call conversion and it’s a finesse that can be easily mastered with a few quick tips and tricks.  For instance, one small adjustment you can make is to have a dedicated employee who answers phone calls and has a private, quiet room or area to answer the calls in to minimize background noise.

Consistency is key when it comes to phone inquiries. Ensuring your employees have the same understanding and answers, especially when it comes to disclosing pricing, is crucial. Want to take it a step further? Call your competition and analyze what you’re up against. It’s a great learning opportunity.

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