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Do these 3 things now in your business to make 2020 as epic as your holiday season

Where will your BUSINESS be left when the holidays are over?

It’s tough to stay on top on things during the busy holiday rush. Believe me, as a business owner and former aesthetic practice managing director I get it! I’ve found that once the new year rings in the shock of the aftermath usually leaves me feeling unprepared and in administrative clean-up mode. Once I learned how to implement these strategies, I regained the confidence to keep my new year as fruitful as my holiday season!

Here are three tips to implement to NOW to prepare your practice to grow after the holiday rush:

1. Educate patients in December about the services they should plan for to maintain their holiday glow AFTER the HOLIDAYS!

During the last couple weeks of the year patients are in a hurry to get their last minute treatments in before they ring in the new year. They tend to focus on instant gratification procedures that allow very little downtime and eliminate treatment “evidence”. Be sure to take 5-10 minutes in each consultation to discuss their January treatment plan. Perhaps the new year is a great time to offer a signature bundle for a “skin reboot”?

Ex: Diminish holiday drab with our post-party GLOW BUNDLE- throw in a chemical peel, skincare, IV vitamin Infusion, and brightening serum!

2. Prepare a Strategic Marketing Plan

If you don’t know what you will be promoting in March, you’re already behind! An effective marketing campaign should begin planting “seeds of need” 3 months prior to the offer. Schedule a team meeting and map out your plan for promotion in 2020. Having a plan in place will allow your practice time to create and queue up assets such as educational Vlogs, newsletters, email blasts, social media posts, etc. This will also allow the practice time to build a database of content to repurpose- which will save time and money in the future. Begin converting prospects on your Instagram to your email database to pull them into your ecosystem and prime them for your offer. Be the first to add value for your prospective patients! Follow me on IG for more marketing & business development tips!

3. Invest in Personal & Professional Development

Now is the time to begin thinking about the future of your business and learning proven tools for standing out in a crowd. The medical aesthetic industry is expected to grow to $103 Billion by 2026. Capture your share of this thriving market and beat commoditization by learning how to OPTIMIZE your operations and create a brand experience like no one else. If you plan to do the same thing in 2020 that you did in 2019 you are missing out! Prime your business for transformational growth and invest in your leadership team to make your 2020 EPIC! Learn More about POP|CON Business Accelerator Course!


About Kaeli Lindholm

About Kaeli Lindholm

Kaeli Lindholm is the founder and president of KLC Consulting, a visionary business development & strategic coaching company bringing fortune 500 leadership systems to high-growth aesthetic practices who are poised to disrupt their markets.

Widely recognized as a brand revisionist, Kaeli believes achieving ‘category of one’ leadership requires taking a differentiated approach. Her coaching and teaching programs challenge the status quo, including the very construct of business success. Paired with significant revenue growth, clients describe the benefit of working with Kaeli as “game-changing”, “both guide and exceptional partner”, and “provides value well beyond monetary measurement!” When you partner with Kaeli you will make an empowered transformation in your business and life.

Kaeli’s signature programs include the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy and the Aesthetic Business Accelerator Conference, POP|CON where aesthetic practice managers go to master the formulas to stimulate six and seven figure leaps in their business through mastery of controlled transformation to systems, strategy, and teams. Catch Kaeli on her award winning podcast, The Fierce Factor

Join Kaeli’s free Facebook group The Tribe of Fierce Aesthetic Leaders for access to weekly strategic advisory trainings, interviews, pdf downloads, and other value rich resources to help your business disrupt!

Do you have questions about how to grow your aesthetic business? If so, send an email to kaeli@klcconsultants.com or click here to register for her signature POP|CON business accelerator course.

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