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How A Unique Approach to Aesthetics Consulting Can Lead to Success

I was recently asked why I decided to go into Aesthetics Consulting. My answer came quick, “Easy. Because I can’t sing or dance.” Silence.

Then I answered honestly, “Because traditional business consultants bore me”

My answer was a bit sarcastic. We can all agree that consultant’s services are often vital to an organization’s strategic business growth.

Lightly sprinkled in my response, however, was a fine-layer of truth. In my experience, I’ve found that the vast majority of consultants lack the spunk to adapt and modify their approach to better align themselves with such a rapidly growing and evolving industry.

Long gone are the days of the plastic surgery boom. Physicians from across the spectrum are diving into the game wide-eyed and eager to join this sexy, booming billion dollar industry. Many of these docs are fresh off of a decade or more spent working to be the best, most capable clinical provider possible, just to find themselves as sudden overnight CEO’s without a day of business training.

Sounds like the basis for a movie plot. Let me hit you with a few spoilers…

The vitality of a thriving aesthetic practice is predicated on a series of conditions consisting of:

  1. Great clinical outcomes
  2. A unique value proposition
  3. Skilled, loyal staff
  4. Brand Strategy
  5. Marketing
  6. Practice Management
  7. Loyal Patients
  8. Word of Mouth Referrals
  9. Profitable Services
  10. Analytics

The reality is that for a practice to achieve success, there is a fine balancing act having everything to do with internal operations. Having access to all of the quality lead-gen in the world means nothing if there is rampant dysfunction behind the curtain. Consulting teams might help a practice develop a plan for success in a vacuum, but this doesn’t always equate to real world victories. Do they have the experience of getting hands on with staff? Developing street-savvy marketing plans for the competitive edge? How about coaching and training their clients on how to most efficiently retain loyal, quality patients without spending untraceable dollars?

If you’ve read this far, and have considered the possibility that your practice is anything less than what you’d envision as the best in regards to the above aspects, consider partnering with an aesthetics consulting firm that functions uniquely. More effectively. More efficiently. And, definitely less boring-ly

Never settle for less.

About Kaeli Lindholm

Kaeli is an Aesthetic Business Results Strategist focused on helping aesthetic physicians build 7-figure practices by implementing fortune-500 business tools and processes combined with Neiman Marcus level customer service experience.

Her scope of work has encompassed executive management and consulting roles with several of the world’s top aesthetic device manufacturers and global fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Kaeli served as Managing Director of a leading plastic surgery and wellness institute where she tested and refined her proven strategies firsthand. She is an expert at identifying what it takes to align business with human and capital resources to stimulate competitive and innovative growth.

Do you have questions about how to grow your aesthetic business? If so, send an email to or click HERE to schedule a 1:1 strategy session.

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