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Episode 199: Unlock Your “It” Factor

In this episode of the Fierce Factor podcast you will get an inside look into our recent three day bootcamp called Unlock Your “It Factor”.  We put together this bootcamp to share with our audience a powerful sneak into some of the behind the scenes conversations we are having with our thought leaders as we work to help them grow their visibility and master communication online, in person, and on stage.

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In this 20 min clip you will hear our KLC Strategic Growth Advisor discussing our ACE framework, specifically techniques such as a giver’s heart, box breathing, and how breathwork can help calm the nervous system, and utilizing nerves to your advantage.  I’ll share a bit about imposter syndrome, where it comes from, and how to combat it.

And finally, stay tuned for an exciting announcement about our new program “Voice of Impact” a completely personalized elite coaching program that expertly guides you to master the art of communication through thought leadership— so you can share your experience and knowledge with an authentic & dynamic presence that transcends.

Enjoy this segment from our bootcamp, Unlock Your “It Factor”!

Learn more about Voice of Impact: www.klcconsultants.com/voi

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