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Episode 196: Influence Emotion to Motivate Action with Krista Donargo, SGA

In this week’s episode number  196 of The Fierce Factor Podcast is part 2 of a 6 week series leading into our January 29th 3-day bootcamp called “Unlock your It Factor”.

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  • An emerging leader within your organization who is responsible for driving a vision through others

In this episode I am interviewing our very own Strategic Growth Advisor at KLC, Krista Donargo.

Krista Donargo was born and raised in New York City where she pursued modeling and acting, a pathway which has underpinned both her passion for aesthetics as well as her professional pursuits as a corporate communications coach specializing in executive presence, influential leadership, persuasive communication, and team development. She also spent a stint of time running a private practice focused on human optimization through neurobiology.

Krista’s academic pursuits include the study of human behavior, communication and Psychoanalysis at NYU and a masters degree from The New York Graduate School for Modern Psychoanalysis.

She  is a skilled practitioner of accessing the depths of the unconscious mind, questioning the origins of our desires and exploring practical and emotional strategies to transform our perspectives and achieve our goals.

Most recently Krista worked as a private executive presence coach to fortune 500 CXO’s to help them become more influential public speakers and dynamic communicators in their leadership roles.  Now she is a full time strategic growth advisor at KLC where she helps thought leaders confidently walk to the center of any stage they occupy.

In this episode you will learn some of the main challenges with communicating as a woman in business, some tips for improving your authentic connection with an audience, and practical strategies for showing up with a more dynamic presence on stage and off stage.

Krista and I talk about what to expect during our three day “It factor” workshop and drop some hints about where we are really putting the pedal to the medal as a company this year in support of developing dynamic thought leaders.

Tune in to enjoy this interview with Krista Donargo on how to influence emotion to motivate action.  Enjoy!

X0- Kaeli

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