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Episode 195: Bonus: Become a More Dynamic Communicator

This week’s Fierce Factor podcast episode kicks off a brand new series leading into our upcoming 3-day boot camp coming up on Jan 29-31st where we will be teaching our 3 part framework for developing your thought leadership, personal brand, and market visibility.

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And if you are a female business owner who is even thinking about HOW you are going to show up and lead with your most dynamic presence in 2024, save the date for our boot camp and get excited because you are really going to enjoy the next 6 weeks of programming from KLC.

I’ve worked with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet whose messages become diluted by the big stage pay-for-play speaking opportunities in which their personal message is just lost, or their own insecurities around stepping onto a bigger stage.

And there’s no reason for that.

It’s time for change. There are too many women who have something profound to say, are Inspired, provocative thinkers, and they just  aren’t busy talking about trends, but are quietly investing in building the market where those trends will exist.

That’s true thought leadership.

Over the past several years I have seen a rise in ambition of women around the globe to expand and expose their voice to a broader audience- to create meaningful change in the world through their message, and to gain credibility and recognition for the trailblazing work they are doing on a daily basis.

And that’s why the obvious place for us to place our focus is cultivating this thought leadership on a deeper level.  Taking these women from the place of leadership within their organizations to unleashing their authentic leadership onto any kind of stage they so desire.

This week we will kick off the series with a bonus replay of one of my most highly requested episode topics: “How to become a more dynamic communicator”.

Because whether you signed up for it or not, leading a business and team is a job that requires you to access your most dynamic executive presence and communication skills.


Xo, Kaeli

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