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Episode 192: Bonus: Tips for Leveraging Reps & Vendor Negotiations

In this week’s bonus episode of The Fierce Factor podcast, I am re-sharing an unedited (insider) discussion among our POP leadership academy led by our practice management strategic growth advisor, Justyn Green.

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Quite often our clients come to us at KLC to leverage our team’s experiences as an industry reps and managers and together we prep to guide them through the decision making process of bringing in new products lines, services, and energy based devices into their practice; Justyn and I agree that at the end of day working in allegiance with industry can be hugely beneficial to helping aesthetic practices advance their goal of driving more utilization of procedures and products.  And there is an art to establishing partnership goals early with a manufacturer when you sign on to distribute their products (this includes toxins and fillers).

As a former leader of a multi-million dollar medical & wellness spa in CA, Justyn shares her insights from her tested and validated experience working alongside industry vendors to leverage their expertise, resources, collateral, and support in aligning with business growth goals.

This episode is jam-packed with practical tips that you do NOT want to miss- everything from getting more samples from reps to co-marketing with industry, to power pearls for negotiating when you’re ready to invest in your next device.

Heads up that this is not a scripted episode but a very special internal training session within our academy so you’ll hear questions and contributions from other members as they are sharing best practices with one another.

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did and that you gain a ton of knowledge hearing from the experts in the trenches.

Xo, Kaeli

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