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Episode 188: How to Unlock Your Full Potential in 2024

Feeling swamped as we approach the holidays? You’re not alone, especially if you’re feeling swept up in managing your family, team, patients, partners, and more. Through all the hustle and bustle, time flies by quickly. Before you know it, you’re scrambling to put a strategy together in advance, which is something you promised yourself you’d do differently next year.

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So, what can you do to better manage your priorities so that you can be prepared as you move forward into a new year? It’s time to build and stay accountable to a bulletproof plan—one that will help you unleash your full potential now and in all the years that follow.

First, remember your goals are not enough. Visualization and manifestation can be powerful tools, but you have to be decisive and match them with action if you want to actually meet those goals. You also need to calculate how each member of your team will be contributing to your vision on an individual level.

Second, you have to get out of your own way. Embrace an environment that actually supports your goals and helps you be successful. Identify what’s not working in your process and remove it. This may come down to time management habits, personal habits, or methods you’re using to manage your business or team.

Lastly, if you want to reach your potential next year, remember growth is not always linear. You don’t have to double in size or open a new location to be successful. Your measurement of success will depend on the season you’re in. Your growth in 2024 may depend on stabilizing your business overall.

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