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Episode 181: The Profound Power of No

Today I want to talk to you about a philosophy that seems counterintuitive to most people: the elegant no. We are programmed to think of no as a negative word, and that it’s not something we like to hear or say. The truth is, bringing these narratives to the workplace as a leader or into your daily life will only serve to hold you back.

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Learning the skill of exercising the elegant no into your practice will allow you to focus on the things that serve you as a leader and allow you to say yes to the things that really matter. This will attract more valuable clients, better team members, and very lucrative opportunities because ultimately, it will progress you in the direction of your larger vision.

Trade your self-diminishing yes for an assertive no. No means valuing yourself more. No will help you establish proper priorities. No will help you to set boundaries and honor those boundaries. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s an automatic no. Practicing this makes for a fulfilling growth strategy.

Saying no is the single best tool you have to assert what you stand for and focus on the top 20% of activities that drive impact in your business and your life. Don’t squeeze in time for meetings or add projects to fill up open time. Saying yes all time can take away from your soul feeding, family time, and personal time. Take time to reignite your creative spirit.

More does not equal better and not all opportunities are created equally. A no is the inception of a yes that only God can visualize. You may find you haven’t lost any opportunities at all, but instead dialed in closer to your passion and life’s purpose.

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