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3 Prioritization Techniques to Create a Life-First Business

As a female business owner, you need to be hyper-aware of the relationship between your business and your life, and the role that mastering prioritization techniques plays in your evolution. In particular, service-based providers get to a point where business growth is deeply interconnected with a sense of worth. This can quickly become a problem!

For example, a couple of years ago, a client said to me, “I think I have an unhealthy relationship with my business.” 

Her moods and the way she valued her impact were in direct correlation with how things were going at the office. She was having issues with staff turnover and was waking up at 4 a.m. every morning because her mind was racing. On top of that, she felt like she wasn’t her best self at home for her husband or kids.

I can count on both hands the number of similar conversations I’ve had with other women just like herand I’ve been there, too. A successful business requires intentional focus on all of the 5 core business milestones our clients master in our POP Leadership Academy. What I recommended is that she shift her approach to how she is looking at her businesswhere does her business fit into the bigger picture of her life?

When we build our life first and our business second, we end up enjoying not just growth, but the experience of growth.

In this article, I share 3 prioritization techniques to help you set constructive boundaries for better work-life planning.

  • Get clarity on the things you won’t compromise on
  • Master the art of calendar blocking to focus on your priorities
  • Learn how to be intentional with your tasks 

3 prioritization techniques to shift your perspective about priorities

Prioritizing the things that matter in your life is a critical self-governing decision. Think of all the times you’ve said yes to too many things and felt overwhelmed by all of the obligations.

Now, repeat after me, leader: “Setting boundaries will allow me to be a more deliberate, well-rested, and strategic-thinking CEO.”

It’s your job to protect yourself. It’s up to you to set boundaries around what’s important so you can do your very best work and make the meaningful impact you want to create. Here are some prioritization techniques that can help you do just that.

Tool #1: The list of “nevers”

The first prioritization technique I recommend is the list of “nevers.” Take out a piece of paper and write down a list of 3 to 5 things that you will never sacrifice or compromise on. This is what my list looks like: 

  • Scheduling early morning appointments
  • Taking more than 4 meetings per day 
  • Skipping my boys’ games 
  • Bringing my phone to the dinner table 

What are your top priorities that make your life richer and filled with joy and ease? Writing these down and sharing them with your family or a friend can help provide accountability to stick to them. When we’re in the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget, but having a list you can look at will prompt you to remember what you’re putting first and why.  

Tool #2: Calendar blocking

Each week, I list my priorities and block time for them in my calendar. This practice helps you schedule time for the things that matter most, from family time to critical deep work periods. You’ll also find you can focus and work with intention when your attention isn’t being pulled in multiple directions. For example, I create blocks for:

  • My personal interests
  • Family time
  • Friend time
  • Professional and personal development
  • Clients
  • Business development

I block time in my calendar for each of these first, then fill in work around them. Learning how to time block is vital. Prior to using this practice, I would squeeze in the things that were most important to me after all my most energetic time of day was occupied by things way down my priority list. Stop letting the unimportant things become a time-suck! 

Tool #3: The eye of the needle

When we think about threading a needle, we can’t shove the entire ball of yarn through the hole. We have to be very specific. Similarly, we know that only 20% of our activities represent 80% of the impact for our company, so we need to be selective with the 20% we prioritize. 

List out your “to-do” list and of 10 items, keep 2. The rest, either eliminate, delegate, or automate. Success always points back to your leadership, so you need to eliminate the  over-functioning and stress that’s poison to your love for your business. 

Change your approach to growth

I invite you to rethink your relationship with how you prioritize and focus. Ensure the activities you choose to spend your time on match the values that are most important to you, and that they enable you to be the leader of your life, family, business, and team.

Intention, confidence, and sanity are a reality for you when you learn prioritization techniques like how to time block. Implementing these tools creates more room in your day for the important things—and this will get you back on track to living a life that is in alignment with your core values. 

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