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Episode 177: Building a Self-Led Medical Aesthetics Practice

Recently, I sat down with two KLC Academy rockstars Allyson Reynolds and Olivia (Liv) Taylor. Allyson is an NP, and owner of OM Med Spa in Boise, Idaho, while Liv is the practice manager. We’ll discuss how Allyson went from solopreneur to ultimately hiring Liv and how it has impacted her business in the most positive ways.

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Creating a strong team is the key to expanding your business. For years, Allyson struggled with worries that she would hire someone who didn’t love the business. She found it difficult to envision someone else making the decisions, but realized these narratives only serve to keep owners stuck running the show and leaving no opportunities for growth.

Liv’s education and work experience make her an excellent manager for Allyson to lean on. She has a double major in HR Management and Business Administration, and the know-how to get the job done. But what’s really remarkable is Liv’s character, her passion for the industry, respect for the work, and excitement to be part of the team.

Allyson wrote a love letter to her potential manager before hiring Liv. Liv was an existing client, so Allyson knew Liv was familiar with and connected to the culture at OM. When Allyson realized Liv could fit the bill for the type of person she wanted to manage her business and their philosophies aligned, she brought her on.

Allyson describes hiring Liv as life changing. Allyson worries less, knowing her businesses day-to-day tasks are taken care of with the utmost competence. They are able to learn from each other and fill in each other’s knowledge gaps. The business is now fully staffed for the first time in eight years, letting Allyson direct her focus to where she really wants it to be.

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