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Episode 176: The Cost of Growth

What does it really take to grow your business? Many entrepreneurs will tell you they started their business to pursue their passions or experience being self-employed, but along the way, they’ve found great success. Now, they’re inside an ecosystem of people who need them—and they’re trapped in an overbooked schedule.

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Managing and building a team, overseeing inventory, business development, marketing, and looking after the financial health of your business can leave you feeling less than your best in the other areas of your life. Making an elegant shift in approach is necessary if you want to find the balance between both.

There is a difference between a lifestyle business and a scalable business. A lifestyle business, as an entity, doesn’t have life without you there. A scalable business generates income without your constant input. The truth is it can be a tedious process to implement the right systems to get your business to a scalable place.

It all starts with reimagining your business, and that doesn’t start with referring to old books from 1945. What you really need is the right guidance from sources that understand what it’s like to build your business as a woman. You also have to be willing to venture outside of your comfort zone and deliver the resources your business needs to function on its own.

Growing and scaling your business is an inside job, so you have to start by upleveling the way you think. This is the real cost of growth. Simply “working harder” won’t get you to where you want to go. Remember what your mission is and focus on making the sometimes uncomfortable decisions you know will get you there.

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