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Episode 175: The Role You Play in Leading Your Team

Summertime is a slow-down period for many businesses. It’s time to take advantage of opportunities for self-care, doubling down on training, and investing in infrastructure. This has me reflecting on how every season brings a unique energy to it. How do we lead through all of the ups and downs, from when business is good and things feel easy, to the more challenging times?

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One of the top aspects to examine about your leadership is your unconscious beliefs. Many of us, myself included, are high achievers. As the business owner, it’s easy to feel like the business should be totally figured out before we bring on team members, but we forget that leadership does not mean doing everything on your own.

Most joyously fulfilled leaders are the ones who have really dialed in on the concept of being a coach to their team members. As you build your business, you can guide your team to embody the core values and mission of the business. This is how great leaders help their business become a self-led company.

Part of being a great leader is attracting and bringing in great people. The best way to do this is to invest in your own coaching. You can learn coaching by being coached by someone you respect and admire. It’s a practice that you learn by being taught and then working on it yourself daily. You can only bring in top performers if you invest in learning how to navigate the leadership of top performers.

Develop better personal habits and lead by example. Whether it be boundaries, nutrition, exercise, or schedule optimization, the work that you do contributes to your own growth and your team will see that. The most important thing to remember is to lead by example, not by instruction.

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